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You can now move all your endpoint data to the cloud smoothly and with total data security.

The Microsoft 365 suite of products equips enterprise users with many capabilities including the ability..

BluSync gives an organization the ability to transfer files of any size to recipients..

Parablu BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) makes it easy for a business of any size to adopt a full-featured..

Case Studies

How Parablu helped Coherent get the most out of their M365 subscription. Coherent is a leading provider of products..

How Fractal Analytics Achieved Data Resiliency using Parablu & Microsoft Azure. Fractal Analytics’ success stems..

How Wipro, a large IT services organization cracked the code on leveraging the public cloud.

Learn how Panasonic implemented a secure and cost-effective endpoint corporate data backup strategy ..

As Microsoft and Google continue to make a real dent in the market with Office 365..

The best defense against Ransomware attacks, without a doubt is a backup.

GDPR defines, data breach as “a breach of security leading to the accidental or..

In common parlance, privacy refers to a state that is ours and we choose whom we

White Papers

Most people would have you believe that the world has gone completely the SaaS way.

Ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant threat to organizations of.. 

Backups can pose a unique challenge when employees work from home.

The desire to keep and hold secrets is ageless. Cryptography in the form..

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