Data Privacy Matters

A deep-dive into privacy in the age of regulation, ransomware and insider threats

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About the eBook

eBook – Data Privacy Matters

In common parlance, privacy refers to a state that is ours and we choose whom we share that time/space with. Privacy has become a topic of heated debate in several countries, many times pitting law enforcement agencies against private enterprises with seemingly conflicting goals. For the first time, several governments are now trying to define privacy (many now consider it a fundamental right) and the rules which govern it.

It is common that people tend to associate privacy with individuals, but rarely with businesses. But privacy impacts businesses just as much as it does individuals – perhaps even more. While individuals may be willing to trade privacy for convenience – businesses have a harder time with this due to liabilities they face under regulations. This world privacy day, we’ve created an eBook which is the condensed wisdom from a set of curated blog posts we’ve published so far about data privacy.

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