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Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer

Ditch email attachments for safer and more efficient file sharing with BluSync. Ensure top-notch security with features like strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, giving you greater control over who can access your files.

BluSync, powered by BluKrypt, safeguards your backup data by securely storing it in an encrypted container with multiple versions. This makes it highly challenging for potential attackers to access your data.

Prevent Data Exfiltration

BluSync, powered by BluKrypt™, is designed to keep your enterprise data safe. Not only is all data encrypted during transit and at rest, but BluKrypt creates a virtual air gap to insulate your valuable data from ransomware. Data is not just encrypted; it is also digitally shredded to prevent data exfiltration.

Save on Storage Cost

Want to save big on storage expenses? BluSync can be your best choice. With Parablu's innovative integration with storage platforms like OneDrive and Google Drive, you can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising on security.

Collaborate Using Shared Folders

Collaborate Using Shared Folders

Ever thought about creating mini-clouds? With BluSync, you can! These private folders allow specific users or teams to access and share data securely, whether inside or outside your organization.

Automatic Audit Logs

Automatic Audit Logs

With BluSync, you can trust that all crucial actions are automatically audited. Every vital activity gets meticulously recorded, whether logging in, logging out, or making policy updates. You can easily download these audit logs as Excel files for your in-depth review.

Enable optional full-text search, anti-malware scanning, or mini-clouds for greater flexibility and security.

Opt for Enhanced Features

Enable optional full-text search, anti-malware scanning, or mini-clouds for greater flexibility and security.

SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 Compliant Security Solution


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Why secure file collaboration?

Take a peek at these file collaboration statistics. See how several enterprises used Parablu's Secured File Collaboration to share and secure their data. 


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Features to look for in a Secured File Collaboration solution

Central Management Dashboard

Get all your team's work in one place! BluSync's easy-to-use dashboard simplifies managing user activities. It's like having a control center for your business's file sharing and collaboration, all through a user-friendly web interface.

Central Management Dashboard
Version Control

Version Control

Never lose track of document changes with in-built versioning feature of BluSync. It automatically stores unlimited versions of your data across different devices, so you're always up to date with the latest edits. 

Full-Text Search

Looking for something specific? BluSync has you covered. It lets you search for files and folders by name, phrase, or even the text inside your documents. Finding what you need has never been simpler. 

Full-Text Search
Serious Security

Serious Security

Unlike many SFTP-based solutions, BluSync operates securely over HTTPS on port 443, eliminating the need to open additional ports like port 22. Plus, it includes built-in defenses such as robust encryption and digital shredding technology to safeguard against data exfiltration.

Zero Trust

We take your data security to the next level with our "Zero Trust" approach. We ensure constant, unwavering data protection for your valuable data with robust security measures like Centralized Identity Management, Secure Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication, and the Principle of Least Privilege. 

Zero Trust

Testimonials to our perfection

Vamshi Kommineni Sr Director, Azure Storage, Microsoft

“Parablu’s innovative cyber-resiliency SaaS solution is bolstered by the scale and security of the Microsoft Azure platform. It benefits Fractal and other Parablu customers to meet their data protection and cyber-resiliency needs with a single solution.”

Manish Tiwari
Manish Tiwari CIO, Fractal Analytics

"Parablu's innovative approach transformed Fractal's data management strategy by delivering improved data protection, resiliency, and increased business value."

Bantwal Ramesh Baliga Chief Executive Officer, Watertec (India) Pvt. Ltd.

" Data availability and protection directly impact our customers, and we constantly strive to achieve greater confidence in our data protection strategy. BluVault from Parablu has been a great partner in helping us get there."

Hariharan Subramanian
Hariharan Subramanian VP- IT and Technology, Shriram Properties

" In Parablu, we found the right solution for all our endpoint backup needs. Utilizing our Office 365 accounts for all our endpoint backups was something that we had not thought about. This has increased the ROI on our Office 365 subscriptions and BluVault as well."

Dr. Batheiah
Dr. Batheiah Chief Information Officer, Embassy Group

" Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer."

Dale Bynum VP, IT Global Infrastructure operations and Head of IT Security, Coherent Corporation

Being a Microsoft 365 customer, we were looking for an alternative that would help us leverage the petabytes of OneDrive storage we had at our disposal. BluVault from Parablu was the only solution that could do what we needed. BluVault, apart from allowing the usage of OneDrive as a backup vault, also solved several other issues that we were unable to get addressed with our previous solution. It is truly an enterprise-class product. A no-brainer for any business that is a Microsoft 365 subscriber.

Deployment Options for Secured File Collaboration

Our FileSync-as-a-Service is hosted in world-class, secure data centers with a global presence. Your enterprise data can stay protected while still honoring data residency requirements.

File sync as a service deployment option for managed file transfers

You can run BluSync on your on-premise infrastructure while still using a cloud storage target. Leverage hardware investments you’ve already made until you’re ready for a seamless shift to FileSync-as-a-Service.
hybrid file sync
If you are in a regulated industry vertical that requires you to keep your data on-premises, BluSync can do that for you. BluSync can run on your on-premise infrastructure and write to on-premise storage targets such as FC-SAN, NAS, iSCSI, or object storage.
on premise file sync

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BluSync imposes no restrictions on file size for sharing. All file sizes and extensions are permitted for sharing through BluSync Administrators can however limit sharing by file type, size and other criteria if they so wish using our configurable policies.

BluSync has an optional anti-malware engine which can be enabled to scan all files as they are being uploaded. Any files that are suspect are identified and prevented from being uploaded into the repositoryThe end user is notified and such files get listed in a separate report for administrators to examine. 

Yes – folders can be shared as well.   

For folders which require collaboration – where both the sender and recipient will have to work and make modifications, we recommend a BluSync Mini-cloud license.  A mini-cloud is a shared folder to which users can be assigned membership.  Users can be combination of users inside your organization and external.  The folders and sub-folders inside a mini-cloud are accessible ONLY to these users. 

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