BluSync™ for Managed File Transfer

BluSync™ revolutionizes Managed File Transfer with seamless synchronization, ensuring secure and efficient data exchange.

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BluSync™ for Managed File Transfer

BluVault for servers Secure enterprise backup management suite for servers

Organizations are increasingly moving away from email attachments and tools like FTP, in favor of more secure file transfer solutions, especially for large files. BluSync gives an organization the ability to transfer files of any size to recipients within its ecosystem as well as outside of it, in a safe and controlled manner. The file sharing platform works by protecting the file meant for transfer in a secure cloud container without compromising the integrity or confidentiality of the content. A file or folder can be accessed, edited, and sent back via the same secure ecosystem, protected every step of the way.

BluSync for Managed File Transfer allows your businesses to seamlessly send data to co-workers or external stakeholders like partners and customers, all the while ensuring data security and privacy. With BluSync, documents are encrypted in transit and at rest, making secure file sharing safe and easy.

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