BluVault for Endpoints

Secure enterprise backup management suite for end-points

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About the Datasheet

Parablu’s BluVault Azure-Centric SaaS solution is a Keep Insider Threats at Bay powerful and secure data backup solution that is designed for the cloud. You can now move all your endpoint data to the cloud smoothly and with total data security. BluVault encrypts the data, making sure your data is safe both in transit and at rest. What’s more, you have the flexibility to work with any cloud storage provider of your choice for optimized costs and zero lock-in.

BluVault combined with BluKrypt, Parablu’s Privacy Gateway, not only enables powerful encryption but also enforces a strict separation of duties. BluKrypt obfuscates file and folder names completely as well as performs file shredding, before writing backup data to cloud storage targets. With BluVault, you can be sure your enterprise data is safe.
After an initial full backup of enterprise endpoint data, BluVault subsequently copies only changed data, making for highly optimized storage and network usage.

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