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Learn how Embassy, a leading real estate developer, made the leap to the cloud with Parablu

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Tata Sky Case Study - Thumbnail

Comprehensive and automated endpoint backup for Tata Sky using OneDrive for Business

How Tata Sky used Parablu’s BluVault to overcome endpoint data backup and management challenges without any additional investment in backup storage.

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A RPG Enterprises Case Study Thumbnail

Comprehensive endpoint backups with higher privacy and lower costs

RPG Enterprises implemented Parablu’s BluVault and enabled automated backup to their existing OneDrive for Business storage allocations.

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Thumbnail - Endpoint Backups to OneDrive for Business for Data Protection and Availability

Endpoint backups to OneDrive for Business for data protection and availability

Learn how Samta Group streamlined their endpoint data backup process to achieve reliable data protection against insider threats and ensure data availability during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Thumbnail - ProcureTechStaff

Automated endpoint backups to achieve comprehensive data protection

How ProcureTechStaff eliminated manual dependencies for endpoint backups and achieved comprehensive data protection using the cloud as a backup vault, all while spending ZERO on data storage.

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Thumbnail - From Manual backups to No-Touch, Secure, Cloud backups

How Cognatic managed no-touch, secure cloud backups without investing a dime on storage

Learn how Cognatic eliminated manual dependencies for endpoint backups and achieved comprehensive data protection using the cloud as a backup vault, all while spending ZERO on data storage.

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A Shriram Properties Case Study

How Shriram Properties leveraged an endpoint backup solution that could do so much more than just backups

A case study of how a real estate organization ensured their endpoint data stays protected with a secure solution that provided them data privacy as well as a solid defence against ransomware and insider threats.

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How Wipro, a large IT services organization cracked the code on leveraging the public cloud

Recently, a world leader in IT services, with over a 100,000 employees was posed with a troubling problem – backups of data contained on their employee desktops and laptops.

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How Embassy Group, a Leading Real Estate Developer made the leap to the cloud

Recently, the Embassy Group, a world leading real estate developer, who adopted Office 365 grappled with a data security-related problem – ensuring safe backup…

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Secure and scalable file collaboration and sharing using Microsoft OneDrive for Business

As large enterprises sign up for Office 365 subscription services, Microsoft offers them a lot of OneDrive for Business storage – at the time of writing this – as much as 1TB…

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Parablu improves employee productivity and streamlines operations workflow

A leader in Electrical parts manufacturing in India, faced a problem as a result of their rapid growth. They had a disparate and highly de-centralized data storage system…

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Highly Secure File Transfer & Sharing

Recently, a world leader in Marketing Analytics who recently switched to Microsoft Office 365 decided to use their OneDrive storage for such a purpose (A number of MS Office 365 find themselves…

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Secure data and content management while using affordable public cloud storage

A world leader in IT services, with close to 150,000 employees was posed with such a problem – they routinely had to store and share data belonging to customers and partners in the cloud…

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Dr. Batheiah

Chief Information Officer, Embassy Group

Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. With Parablu’s BluVault, we’re able to leverage our investment in Microsoft Office 365, by having Parablu utilize the OneDrive for Business storage allocations, as a secure backup repository.

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Backup all your files, and folders on to the public, private or hybrid cloud.

Secure Content Collaboration

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Secure Large Transfer

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