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Protect data and Minimize risk

Parablu provides end-to-end
data protection solutions
for securing data moving between
your enterprise and the cloud.

Customer Success Story:
Learn how Embassy, a leading real estate developer, made the leap to the cloud with Parablu and Microsoft Azure
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On-premise or on the Cloud,

Parablu has your data covered.

A secure backup is the best chance your data has against increasing instances of data breach and ransomware attacks. Strengthen your endpoint backup process and make your cloud storage environments safe with Parablu. Our encryption-enabled, super scalable and cost-effective cloud data security solutions help enterprises take control of their data and ensure that files and information move safely between your enterprise assets and the cloud.

Secure Endpoint Backup

With BluVault, protect and backup endpoint data, at rest and in transit, with high-performance encryption that minimizes chances of data alteration, theft and loss.

Secure Content Collaboration

With BluSync™, synchronize files easily from any device, any location, and enjoy faster, more efficient Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) capabilities.

Secure Large File Transfer

With BluDrive, eliminate email attachments and transfer large files to the cloud or to people outside the organization in an easy, fast and completely secure way.

Secured by BluKrypt™

BluKrypt™ is a secure storage container designed for the cloud, and is enabled by Parablu’s state-of-the-art privacy gateway that keeps data safe using robust encryption with clear segregation of duties. Data stored in BluKrypt™ is encrypted, versioned, searchable, and fully auditable.

BluKrypt™ – Secure Storage Container

Our solutions are compatible with all major cloud storage providers

The Parablu Advantage

Backup and archive data to OneDrive for Business

Retain control of your data and save up to 70% in TCO with our best-in-class O365 backup solution. Parablu lets you to backup data to OneDrive for Business, while allowing your IT teams to manage and govern the solution centrally.  Also available for Google Drive.

Protect data from Ransomware

Secure data on endpoints and servers, and initiate quick data recovery as needed. Parablu solutions are secured by BluKrypt™ privacy gateway that encrypts all data traveling between endpoints and the cloud, ensuring end-to-end data protection and privacy.

Ensure GDPR

Secure backup is critical for GDPR Compliance. Move backup copies of data from endpoints to the cloud using Parablu’s secure privacy gateway, which encrypts data both in transit and at rest. Supported by GDPR-compliant detailed audit logs and activity reports.

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“ISVs like Parablu provide added options and extend value to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with their BluVault solution.”

Mike AmmerlaanDirector – Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

“Parablu fills a critical need for secure data backup and availability in today’s cloud landscape.”

Raja UkilChief Information Officer, Wipro Limited.

“Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. ”

Dr. BatheiahChief Information Officer, Embassy Group

“OneDrive for Business make it easy to manage your work files, share them and collaborate from any device. Parablu enriches OneDrive for Business with customizations for backup, security and scalability enhancing the cloud experience for customers.”

Narendra BhandariGeneral Manager – Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft India.

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