Turn up the BaaS

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Turn up the BaaS

Most people would have you believe that the world has gone completely the SaaS way. Email, file services, CRMs, you name it – are all served up from the cloud today. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to think of solutions that have not been SaaS-ified. Backup solutions are no exception – there is now a wide range of SaaS backup solutions to choose from – which provide services from the cloud to backup your endpoints, servers, your SaaS workloads etc.

We are a vendor that caters to customers of either inclination. And in our experience, all other things being equal, we have found that SaaS based backup customers invariably have a higher satisfaction rating then their counterparts who don’t use the SaaS based offering. The reasons are several, and I thought it worthwhile to list them out. Another important factor – is how the companies get to classify the expense

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