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Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) Solution for Content Collaboration in the Cloud

For Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) & Collaboration

EFSS - Enterprise file sync and share

Increasingly, organizations are tapping into cloud solutions that make collaboration between team members simple and secure. The need of the hour is future-ready technology that improves the speed of collaboration, boosts employee productivity, and supports a culture of agile innovation, while also upholding the privacy and integrity of the content being shared and stored.

BluSync is a Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution. It is a secure file synchronization software platform for teams to access, edit and share files in a fast and efficient way. With BluSync, team members can connect to content in the enterprise share cloud, or mini-clouds, and access the information therein securely. BluSync maintains an auditable trail of activities that takes place in the cloud environment, helping organizations retain full and complete control and visibility into the way content collaboration and file sharing happens.

BluSync helps businesses connect people with processes and data in an easy and secure way.

Data Sheet - EFSS - Enterprise File Sync and Share

BluSync™ - Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) Solution

More collaboration. More Productivity. More Security for the Agile Enterprise.

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End user Collaboration

BluSync™ enables enterprise end users access through multiple devices while allowing them to collaborate seamlessly across locations.  Allowing users universal access to edit and share files means the business gets done on the go.


BluSync™ supports a construct called “mini-clouds”, an insulated, shared space, which allows departmental teams to collaborate effectively.

Secure file Storage container

Leverages BluKrypt™, Parablu’s secure container, making BluSync™ unmatched in terms of security, privacy, and control no matter how it is deployed – whether in the public cloud or in a hybrid model.

Any Cloud

BluSync™ is storage and cloud agnostic.  It works with several popular cloud destinations like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, IBM Softlayer etc.  It works with On-premise disk arrays as well.

BluSync Features

EFSS - universal access across multiple devices

Universal Access across Multiple Devices

BluSync synchronizes enterprise content continuously and supports secure access to files from any device and from any location.  BluSync also supports browser based access.

secure file sync and share-mini cloud


Mini-Clouds are insulated folders to which only selected users have access. You can create mini-clouds for different teams within your business or groups of users with whom you want to share specific content. 

secure file sync and share-single sign on

Single Sign-on

SSO eliminates password reset phone calls, protects against unauthorized access, and integrates with your enterprise’s Active Directory.

BluSync™ Benefits

EFSS - Secure enterprise file sharing

Secure Enterprise File Sharing

BluSync generates a secure content sharing link that can be shared via email. Sharing is controlled by policies which dictate allowed users, file types, file sizes, and how recipients consume shared content.

secure file sync and share-overcome cloud storage restrictions

Overcome Cloud Storage Restrictions

BluSync overcomes, among other things, limitations around filenames, file sizes, path lengths, and special characters that come with many cloud storage services.

secure file sync and share-comprehensive endpoint restrictions

Comprehensive Endpoint Support

BluSync is compatible with several popular operating systems and devices. The platform has built-in support for Windows, and Mac as well as for Android and iOS.

Additional Features

secure file sync and share-policy based sharing

Policy-based sharing

secure file sync and share-real time sync

Real time sync

secure file sync and share-any cloud

Any cloud

secure file sync and share-scalable architecture

Scalable architecture

secure file sync and share-Support for browsers and agents

Support for browsers and agents

secure file sync and share-No storage restrictions

No storage restrictions

secure file sync and share-Easy LDAP and AD integration

Easy LDAP and AD integration

Policy-based sharing

Real time sync

Any cloud

Scalable architecture

Easy LDAP and AD integration

Support for browsers and agents

No storage restrictions

Featured Case Study

Secure and scalable file collaboration and sharing using Microsoft OneDrive for Business

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