BluSync™ for Secure Collaboration

Enhance your team's productivity while prioritizing privacy with BluSync™ for unparalleled collaboration confidence.

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BluSync™ for Secure Collaboration

BluVault for servers Secure enterprise backup management suite for servers

BluSync – for Secure Collaboration enables business users with a simple and secure way to collaborate and work on business files and content regardless of work location. Parablu’s secure collaboration platform helps you combine the convenience and simplicity of a file-sharing service with enterprise-grade collaboration features to enhance productivity for users while letting the IT team retain control over enterprise data assets. Create multiple mini-clouds and delegate administration by assigning each of them to a business owner who is empowered to add/remove users and administer the mini-cloud from that point forward.

BluSync offers full-text indexing capabilities for searching files and folders not only by name but also via phrases and keywords in file contents. Built-in version control so employees can track document changes across multiple data sources and devices.

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