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Secure Cloud Data Protection Gateway

Protect Data Where it Lives

“There is no cloud, just other people’s computers.”
– Free Software Foundation

Per the Cloud Security Alliance…

"For encryption to be useful, encryption keys must be properly managed and protected."

“.. based on the Segregation of Duties security principle, key management ideally should be separated from the cloud provider hosting the data. This provides the greatest protection against both an external breach of the service provider as well as an attack originating from a privileged user/employee of the provider. Additionally, this segregation of duties prevents the cloud provider from unauthorized disclosure of customer data, such as compliance with a subpoena, without the customer knowledge or approval. The customers should retain complete control over their data and only they should be able to comply with disclosure requests.”

Source: Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Per the GDPR

“Mandatory Breach Notification to the data subject referred to in Article 34(1) shall not be required if any of the following conditions are met:”

If the controller has determined that the personal data breach “is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals,” it must also communicate information regarding the personal data breach to the affected data subjects.

The communication to the data subject referred to in paragraph 1 shall not be required if any of the following conditions are met:
(1) the controller has “implemented appropriate technical and organizational protection measures” that “render the data unintelligible to any person who is not authorized to access it, such as encryption”;

Source: GDPR – Article 34(3)

Your Cloud Data Protection Gateway

cloud data protection gateway

BluKrypt™ is a proprietary privacy enhancement technology that powers all Parablu data protection solutions. With BluKrypt™ container deployed, data can travel back and forth from the cloud fully encrypted, and with clear segregation of duties enforced. BluKrypt™ also protects data at rest within the secure storage container it creates within the cloud storage target.

As opposed to a cloud access security broker (CASB), which relies on DLP-like policies to determine whether a file can be sent into the cloud or not, BluKrypt™, with its data encryption protocol, allows data to move freely between endpoints and the cloud, completely encrypted and obfuscated, ensuring end-to-end data privacy and security

BluKrypt™ Secure Gateway

BluKrypt™ allows data to move freely between the enterprise and the cloud while ensuring end-to-end data privacy and security.

Secure Container

The ring-fenced area inside the cloud storage destination where data is stored fully encrypted and safe.  All data is versioned, searchable, shareable, and all accesses are audited.

Any Cloud

BluKrypt™ is storage and cloud agnostic.  It works with several popular cloud destinations like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, IBM Softlayer etc.  It works with On-premise disk arrays as well.

Zero-Knowledge Privacy




secure gateway-Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

secure gateway-Auditing


secure gateway-Versioning


secure gateway-Sharing


Any Cloud


Scalable & Elastic

secure gateway-Any Cloud

Any Cloud

secure gateway-Search


secure gateway-Scalable & Elastic

Scalable & Elastic

BluKrypt™ - Secure Cloud Gateway

BluKrypt™ - Secure Cloud Gateway

The Privacy Secure Gateway that completely secures your critical data on the cloud

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Best-in-Class Data Protection

secure gateway-Security assurance in the cloud

Security Assurance in the Cloud

BluKrypt™ storage container strengthens your data storage environment – on-premise or in the cloud – and secures data while in transit and at rest with industrial-strength encryption.

secure gateway-Your choice of cloud storage

Your choice of Secure Cloud Storage

BluKrypt™ is designed to be cloud-agnostic and works with all major cloud storage offerings, including Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

secure gateway-Data Security for Compliance

Data Security for Compliance

BluKrypt™ helps your organization stay compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, ISO, NYDFS and GDPR.

Parablu Advantage

Parablu advantage

Segregation of Duties

BluKrypt™ – Secure Storage Container operates on an important principle in encryption called the Segregation of Duties (SoD). When done correctly, SoD is a risk and security measure that ensures no two parties can perform the same part of a critical process or function. By dividing responsibilities and limiting access to information and data on a strictly need-to-know basis, organizations can significantly reduce their risk. Many organizations already successfully implement SoD in other areas of their business, such as in their finance teams.

BluKrypt™ Benefits

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

With BluKrypt™, it is the enterprise that retains complete control over data encryption keys at all times. Not the cloud storage provider, nor Parablu.

Enterprise Audit Trail

Enterprise Audit Trail

Maintain an auditable trail of all actions, and generate detailed reports about activities in the cloud environment. With BluKrypt™, all touch points on the system are audited automatically.

Offloaded Encryption

Offloaded Encryption

Data encryption is completely offloaded to the BluKrypt™ Privacy Gateway. As a result, endpoints and server devices need not perform any additional tasks to enable encryption or data obfuscation.

Integration with Enterprise name spaces

Integration with Enterprise Name Spaces

BluKrypt™ solutions integrate easily with LDAP-based enterprise namespaces, such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

Storage & Cloud Agnostic

Storage & Cloud Agnostic

BluKrypt™ solutions works with on-premise storage, NAS, SAN or cloud based storage provided by leading cloud providers.

BluKrypt™ Features

Built-in Redundancy & Failover
Built-in Redundancy & Failover
Smart Caching
Smart Caching
Scales across geographies
Scales across geographies

Parablu Solutions

BluKrypt™ underpins all of Parablu’s data management solutions. It is what makes our solutions secure, private, and ensures that our customers have full control over their data management processes.

secure endpoint backup

Secure Endpoint Backup

Backup all your files, and folders on to the public, private or hybrid cloud.
secure content collaboration

Secure Content Collaboration

Secure file sharing and collaboration solution for the agile enterprise.

secure file transfer

Secure File Transfer

Securely transfer files of any size and type to share with colleagues, customers or partners.

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