Data protection for Entertainment Industry – a few things we’ve learned

What if you got to know how Ted met his wife on, How I Met Your Mother before the actual episode? You would have wasted a good part of six years leading up to the finale just to end up with an unceremonious revelation.  

From the first ever recorded video in 1895 to present day, technological advancements have moved from bulky film rolls to compact files that can be stored on the cloud and accessed remotely in the Media and entertainment industry. This $ 30+Billion industry has been a front-runner in adopting digital transformations. Entertainment options steadily moved from satellite network to the Netflix binge trend. Productions are bigger and better than ever, and fan following is too. But, when it comes to the safety of intellectual property, a spoiler could spell loss in millions. 51 percent of entertainment companies experience two or more breaches in a year and 88 percent of companies with more than 1 million folders have 100,000 folders accessible by every employee. In such contexts, threats loom over every file that has been painstakingly put together by creative teams over many days.  Let us look at ways in which a secure backup can help the entertainment industry ensure they reduce PR damage and downtime due to data loss. 

    1. Insider threats- Insider threats could come in the form of a disgruntled employee or an innocent accidental deletion. In 2014, when 100 terabytes of Sony data which included employees’ social security number, emails and unreleased movies, the tabloids had a field day comparing celebrity compensations and revealing internal gossip which was present over the email. The Sony breach is a great example that an intelligent backup can go a long way is protecting your organization’s prized data. Be it any kind of data loss, a secure backup helps in easy restore and avoids downtime.  
    2. Ransomware Threats – A ransomware attack on HBO resulted in many viewers knowing beforehand, the way an antagonist would be killed off in Game of Thrones. Ransomware attacks are harmful not just for the business but the credibility of a company as well. While paying unrealistic amounts of ransom is already a roadblock for your succes, you could also end up having to pay fines to regulatory authorities for non-compliance and loss of data. A simple way to ensure that your data doesn’t go into the wrong hands is to ensure a secure copy of your data. If you’re not already backing up your data, a good thing to consider is a backup that offers end-to-end encryption and ensures your data security through zero knowledge privacy. 
    3. Beat File Size Limitations- One of the major concerns of anyone producing digital content is to ensure that the quality of that content doesn’t alter before it reaches the audience. But sometimes, regular channels of file transfer can be the bane of file quality. Most online services compress large files to ensure faster transfer of data but that compromises fidelity of the file. Services that ensure signature checks make sure that the quality of the file before and after transfer is up to mark. 

Backup is a simple answer that carries great ratings when it comes to protecting files from, ransomware, insider threats, accidental deletion and Parablu’s BluVault goes an extra mile in ensuring the fidelity of these files through Password controls, secure container and encryption.  





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