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An integrated, enterprise-class data resiliency solution

Parablu, a renowned provider of endpoint data protection solutions and recipient of multiple awards, has forged a strategic alliance with Cohesity, an industry leader in next-generation data management. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as both companies work hand-in-hand to enhance their go-to-market (GTM) strategies and field incentives. These initiatives are specifically designed to deliver heightened value and benefits to our shared customers and partners alike, setting a new standard of excellence in the industry.

Secure and automated backups using Parablu’s BluVault and Cohesity DataProtect

The Parablu + Cohesity Advantage

BluVault is a powerful and secure data backup solution designed to safeguard all your endpoint data on the target storage of your choice. BluVault’s secure and automated backups, combined with the Cohesity DataProtect as a backup target, offer your organization a world-class backup solution designed to help you stay compliant while defending against ransomware and insider threats. Prioritize data security on employee laptops and devices, acknowledging these endpoints’ critical role in your organization’s overall data ecosystem.
Now, no more data silos that hinder collaboration and innovation. The fusion of Cohesity’s next-gen data management platform and Parablu’s cutting-edge BluVault solution delivers a holistic solution.

BluVault and Cohesity for unmatched endpoint data protection

Cohesity DataProtect integration with Parablu’s BluVault

Learn how Parablu console seamlessly integrates with DataProtect and how to efficiently route backup data to this platform for enhanced security and reliability. 

A Quick Overview of Parablu’s BaaS

Parablu x Cohesity – Work from Home Setup

Avoid the complexity of infrastructure management – compute provisioning, disk partitioning, security signoffs, firewall settings, change requests – and all of that. Let the Parablu team handle everything for you in the cloud. You only need to deploy the BluVault backup agent on your business endpoints. You can do this once using a mass deployment tool like SCCM, AD GPO, or any other tool you choose. That’s it! The agent auto-updates itself after that.
What sets our solution apart is its ability to eliminate the need for manual interventions or IT oversight. This ensures your data protection strategy remains current and robust without burdening your IT resources.

The Parablu + Cohesity Advantage

Protect your data from malicious attacks and keep your business operations running smoothly.

Protection from Ransomware

BluVault, combined with Cohesity DataProtect, is designed to protect you from ransomware attacks by ensuring that an immutable copy of your data is always available safely and securely. Not only do your backups stay protected, but you can rewind in time and restore your data from any point before the attack. Never again be held hostage by a ransomware attacker.

Achieve regulatory compliance effortlessly with BluSync for all your managed file sharing requirements. We ensure data storage, retention, and transfer align with strict standards such as SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR. 

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Achieve regulatory compliance. Regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and others have data protection and retention requirements that BluVault can help meet. BluVault’s reports, audit logs, and Litigation Hold features help keep organizations on a defensible platform regarding regulatory compliance.

Serious Security

Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality

BluVault, combined with Cohesity, enables powerful encryption and enforces a strict separation of duties. In addition to strong encryption, the solution also completely obfuscates file and folder names and performs file sharding. With BluVault and Cohesity, you can be sure your enterprise data is safe.

Detect and mitigate internal risks, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Keep Insider Threats at Bay

Data losses are usually accidental, but sometimes, there can also be malicious threats that could come in the form of a disgruntled insider. Stay ahead of malicious deletion by ensuring a reliable and timely backup with BluVault and Cohesity.

Integrate easily with Azure AD Conditional Access policies for an enhanced security posture and role-based access.

End to End Encryption

Zero Knowledge Privacy is a tenet that all Parablu products are built on. This ensures that you, only you, and nobody else can access your data. Not Parablu. Not Cohesity. Nor any 3rd parties—without your explicit permission.

Important features

Any file, any folder

Assured data protection, migration, and backup service with no restrictions on file sizes, names, and types, whether they're in use or not. That includes PST files that are in use.

Full and incremental backup

An initial full backup followed up with incremental backups forever to ensure sensitive network and storage utilization.

CPU throttling

Allows administrators to control the Parablu agent's impact on the endpoint by adjusting CPU usage levels.

Mass deployment

The BluVault agent can be distributed quickly to endpoints using mass deployment methods such as Microsoft SCCM, Active Directory Group Policies, and Microsoft Intune. The agent software is also compatible with several third-party mass deployment tools. The agent can quickly be published for download and installed for small organizations via the management portal.

Enterprise audit trail

BluVault's backup agent has sophisticated algorithms that detect modified content inside a file and send only changed deltas instead of the entire file on subsequent incremental backups.

Policy-based management

Manage backup and restore behavior using simple policies that allow you to control a range of parameters – from backups schedules, folders and file types to include/exclude, number of versions to keep, storage quotas – you name it.

De-duplication and compression

Smart variable-length block-level de-duplication combined with data compression saves network bandwidth and valuable storage space.

Single sign-on

SSO eliminates password reset phone calls, protects against unauthorized access, and integrates with your enterprise's Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, or Okta.

Self-service Interface

BluVault allows users to choose what to back up, discover how protected their files are, and do their restores – all fully controllable by the administrator.

Network bandwidth optimization

BluVault helps you control data flow based on bandwidth availability with a network throttling feature that can limit the usage of your valuable bandwidth.

Delegated Administration

Administrative roles with limited permissions can be assigned to selected users to allow them to perform only specific operations.


Kirk Law Senior VP, Research & Development, Cohesity

“We are delighted to welcome Parablu into our ecosystem of Marketplace partners,. This integration can help our joint customers more effectively protect against the threat of cyber attacks and protect their data so they can recover their business systems in the event of a successful attack.”

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