Cloud Storage Cost: an Easy Way to Achieve Zero-cost Storage for Backup

Cloud Storage Cost: an Easy Way to Achieve Zero-cost Storage for Backup

Cloud storage cost

Data residing on business endpoints and cloud storage accounts are constantly under the radar of malicious entities. To counter this, organizations implement layers of security measures and checks at different levels but considering the latest trend of increase in different forms of data theft attacks, these measures may no more be comprehensive, efficient, and effective.

Data Backup for Data Protection

Data backup is one key solution to protect data and avoid accidental data loss or intentional thefts from business endpoints. Adoption of a backup solution can be easy but finding that tailor-made solution that aligns with your existing data protection setup without incurring a huge cost on backup storage or backup repositories is difficult.

What Parablu offers for business data protection through its data backup solutions is unique. The solution comes with an easy and automated setup that enables safe backup of data residing on end-users ‘ endpoints with no additional cloud storage cost for the backup data storage involved. This lowers not just the total cloud storage cost involved in adopting a backup solution but also decreases dependencies on local storage targets, removes manual tedious management of users/data processes, and acts as an additional defence against any potential data security threats.

How do we achieve zero cost storage for backup?

The first thing is that we do is, enable the use of your existing business storage solution for automated backups.

For example, if you are using Microsoft Office 365, we set the backup target as your OneDrive for Business account. OneDrive for Business which comes bundled with Office 365, by default has 1 Terabyte storage per user account. This allocated space is generally not utilized by the end-user.

According to a report by McAfee, just within financial services, only 39.3% of users actively use OneDrive for Business.

This unused space can be utilized as a backup repository by enabling automated data backup with storage target as OneDrive for Business without compromising the enterprise-grade data security requirements. Now, considering the backups are done using existing cloud infrastructure, and no additional investment is required on new storage solution, your total spend on cloud storage to almost zero.

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The same zero cost backup storage setup can be considered for other business cloud storage accounts like Google Drive.

What else to expect other than zero-cost storage for backup?

Parablu’s zero-cost storage for backup setup comes with a host of unique features and capabilities. Here are some of them:

  • Focus on Data Privacy: Parablu keeps your data safe by ensuring that all data that is backed up is encrypted and is protected by a strict enforcement of Segregation of Duties.  This means that the enterprise always controls the encryption keys to the data.  Not Parablu, not the cloud vendor, nobody else.
  • Automated Endpoint Backup: With Parablu’s solution in place, you can be rest assured that the business data is constantly being automatically backed up without any inputs or interference from the endpoint users. This means no learning curve for the end-users, change in behaviour expectations, and inconsistent gaps because of selective backups.
  • Policy-Driven Backups: Multiple endpoints and different level of users means a wider range of backup needs and requirements. Parablu offers a solution for it by creating policy-based backups from types of files/folders/drives, specifying times for backups, to enabling sensitive bandwidth usage.
  • Centralized Data Back and Recovery Management: All users and endpoints are available on one single console which means centralized access to all data backup and recovery activities with options to monitor, control, and report.
  • Self-Service Functions for end-users: When the end-users are empowered with access to their backups, self-service functions like backup recovery, there is a seamless flow of responsibilities/duties without inter-department dependencies. If you don’t want the end-users to access, view, and tamper with the backups, you can create an invisible secure storage container. This could be a good solution for any potential insider threat incidents too.

According to the latest statistics of 2020, it is that 34% of businesses that have a backup solution in place never test it.

With the current trend of digitization and work from home setup, it is now imperative that all organizations have a backup solution in place. But it is not just about having a data backup solution in place but also ensuring that you get the best out of it. Explore our solutions with us and discover functions and capabilities that will not just help you keep control of the data protection cost but also strengthen your overall data management measures. Talk to one of our experts today!

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