BluVault for Microsoft OneDrive for Business

BluVault makes saving your OneDrive files easy. It adds new users for backup and removes licenses for those who leave.

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BluVault for OneDrive for Business

BluVault for servers Secure enterprise backup management suite for servers

You’ve moved your data to Office 365 and enabled greater collaboration for your distributed teams and achieved seamless accessibility. That’s great, but have you thought about the safety of your OneDrive data? BluVault helps you backup your Microsoft OneDrive data effortlessly to an alternate cloud target with total security and privacy. SaaS data backups are an indispensable asset in any IT Administrator’s toolkit. Whether it is to achieve regulatory compliance, protect against ransomware, defend against insider threats or just plain data recovery – a OneDrive backup is an absolute necessity

This is a fairly standard industry practice that is important to understand. Having your data in the cloud, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically getting data protection. SaaS vendors draw a clear line where their responsibilities stop and the customers’ begin. And that’s where BluVault for OneDrive for Business data comes in.

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