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How Parablu’s Bespoke BaaS helped a retail giant transform their data protection strategy

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About the case study

Trent is a dominant player in India’s retail landscape. With pan-India presence having several hundred operating retail stores that stock items as diverse as fashion apparel, fresh food, groceries, and family entertainment offerings – they are a retail juggernaut. 

Learn how Trent-Tata, a leading retail giant in India, managed to leverage the advantages of both on-premise as well as SaaS-based backups using Parablu’s hybrid “Bespoke BaaS” approach.

"Parablu helped us fulfill the need for a solution that offered us the flexibility to run backup workloads both locally as well as on the cloud. This solution aided enormously in dealing with the sudden shift of employees working away from offices (work from home) during the early days of the pandemic. Now, the data from our official laptops, desktops, MacBooks, etc. get automatically backed up giving us the confidence that it is safe and protected in our OneDrive for Business cloud. Parablu’s ability to utilize OneDrive for Business as the backup target has saved us substantial storage costs.”
Dattaram Dalvi
Dattaram Dalvi
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