What is Privacy and How does Privacy matter?

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What is Privacy and How does Privacy matter?

It is perhaps fitting that the top-of-mind topic of discussion for most consumers this year as of January the 28th comes along – is the change in WhatsApp’s usage terms and their data sharing policy. Truthfully, the way I understand it, WhatsApp isn’t actually threatening to do anything that Google already isn’t doing with our data. In fact, Google is probably more invasive to people’s online lives each day than WhatsApp will ever be – but that’s a topic for another day.

The point, however, is that most people I talk to, seem to want to guard their privacy very jealously online – but still, use online software that does anything but protect their privacy. This is clearly evident in most people’s lack of understanding of what Google already does versus what WhatsApp is “threatening” to do. There is a clear gap between what online privacy ought to be versus what the average user understands it to be.

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