Learn About Data Size Reduction Techniques

As the amount of data processed grows exponentially each year – society deals with the problem of how to keep all that data stored

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Learn About Data Size Reduction Techniques

Data Reduction techniques are methods that one can use to preserve data in a reduced or condensed form but without any loss of information or fidelity. In today’s world, where networks carry so much of our data, reducing data size is important, not just for condensing its storage footprint, but also to save on network bandwidth costs.In the current climate, with so many businesses having their employees work from home, this challenge has taken on greater urgency as data increasingly gets transmitted over WiFi and home networks – which are limited in their bandwidth.

Data reduction has been accomplished over the years, in many forms. The Morse code, for example, introduced back in 1838 was an early attempt to encode alphabets as shorter codes.This is an obvious technique most people think of in the context of data reduction.

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