Is there a Cloud that you can trust?

Trust a secure cloud solution for reliable data management, empowering seamless and trustworthy business operations

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About the Whitepaper

Is there a Cloud that you can trust?

While cloud storage has certainly revolutionized the way people store and share data – all is not as well as it might seem. The problem is a little thing called Privacy. Privacy is a basic human impulse. The right to control who sees our most personal information and activities is recognized by most democratic legal systems. So, can Privacy be guaranteed with security software one puts on their machines? Perhaps – but more than likely, not.

Most of the companies that provide customers online storage in the cloud have privacy policies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re guaranteeing your privacy. In many cases, when you say “I agree” to a Privacy policy, you’re actually granting the company certain permissions and/or licenses to your data. But the fact remains that your data is still not private, even if only from the government.

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