Ransomware Recovery Made Simple


  • Anand Prahlad, CEO & President, Parablu 
  • Tarun Krishnamurthy, Managing Partner, Co-Founder, Anzen Technology Partners

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About the webinar

The annual ransomware-triggered financial losses are projected to exceed $265 Billion globally by 2031. Inadequate data protection measures make enterprises vulnerable to attacks leading to significant loss of sensitive data, which in turn results in damaged reputation and revenue.

Ransomware’s notoriety has not spared businesses – large and small, not even governments. The recent $20 Million demand imposed on the Costa Rica government by hackers after sabotaging over 30 institutions, including the Ministry of Finance, has reaffirmed how ransomware can permeate even through safe data security vaults. The losses incurred by Nvidia Corporation, the world’s biggest semiconductor chip manufacturer, due to a ransomware attack earlier this year, also emphasizes why being better equipped is important.

Parablu, a leading cybersecurity and data resiliency solution provider, in association with Anzen Technology Partners, a technology and security consulting firm, brings to you a unique knowledge-sharing session about ransomware recovery, mitigation, and compliance practices. This is an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cyber threats and optimal measures to safeguard and restore critical enterprise data.

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The session will cover the following topics:

• Ransomware threats across India and the globe
• Misconceptions around ransomware recovery
• Protecting what matters most to an organization – Data
• Data Resiliency – Best practices and tools
• Data resiliency solutions performance metrics – Simplifying the complexity

About the speakers:

Anand has over 32 years of experience in building enterprise software solutions and brings a unique mix of security and storage DNA.  He was previously the Managing Director and Head of McAfee’s R&D Center in India and Senior Vice President of Commvault’s worldwide product development.  Anand is a prolific inventor and claims several granted patents in computer storage management.
Anand Prahlad
CEO & President, Parablu
Tarun Krishnamurthy has been in the cybersecurity industry since 2002.  Engaging with him, several companies have achieved a culture of security built-in – across aspects of people, processes, tools, and automation for compliance.  A key aspect that Tarun focuses on is the Secure Data Lifecycle Management meeting regulations like GDPR and PDPA.Tarun was a founding member of McAfee, India in 2002 and took on several strategic and leadership roles in engineering, security programs and company growth.  He led Forcepoint in APAC and established their multi-function COE in 2018.  With an overall experience of some 27 years, he also lived and worked in the US and Australia, developing enterprise products.
Tarun krishnamurthy
Tarun Krishnamurthy
Managing Partner, Co-Founder, Anzen Technology Partners
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