Drive Digital Resiliency with a Zero-Trust Security Framework


  • Anand Prahlad, CEO & President, Parablu 

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About the webinar

Zero Trust has become the new security buzzword. But before you rush to implement ZTNA, we think it makes sense to slow down a bit and understand what Zero Trust is all about.

Zero Trust Security Frameworks enable enterprises to setup a mechanism that requires all users, inside or outside the organization’s network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated to grant access to applications and data.

According to a recent report from Allied Market Research, the Zero Trust Security Market is predicted to reach $126B by 2031.

While Zero Trust sounds great, it may not be so simple to get there overnight. A recent industry report highlights the fact that while many organizations have implemented or are considering zero-trust, 59% of them still don’t have the ability to authenticate users and devices.

Watch this webinar to explore the following topics:

  • What Zero Trust is and how has it has evolved?
  • How SaaS, mobility, and the pandemic have influenced Zero Trust adoption?
  • Why consider Zero Trust?
  • Considerations when choosing a Zero Trust solution

About the speakers:

Anand has over 25 years of experience building enterprise software solutions and has a unique mix of security and storage DNA. He was previously Head of McAfee’s R&D Center in India and served as Managing Director while also leading Engineering for all of McAfee’s Data Center product engineering teams as Vice President. Previously, as SVP of Worldwide Product Development at Commvault, he was part of the management team that led Commvault to a successful public offering.  Anand also claims several patents relating to storage and data management.
Anand Prahlad
CEO & President, Parablu
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