Defend Your Data Against Insider Threats


  •  Anand Prahlad, President & CEO, Parablu,
  • Tarun Krishnamurthy, Managing Partner, Co-Founder
  • Kaushik Saha Group Chief Information Security Officer

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About the webinar

When trying to reduce the risk of threats to enterprise data, organizations tend to be overly sensitive to external threats like APTs and data breaches.  But often, the biggest threat to data could be sitting right within the walls of the company. A Gartner study on criminal insider threats found that 62% of insiders with malicious intent are “second streamers,” so called because they seek to create a second stream of income or other benefits by misusing information for monetary or personal rewards.  Sometimes the threat could simply be from a disgruntled employee who is intent on doing some damage before departing.

To effectively contain Insider Threats, it is imperative that you take steps beyond two-step authentication and physical security measures to secure your data.  In this webinar, Anand and Tarun  come together to deliberate about insider threats and how to defend your data against them.  They discuss the usual suspects when it comes to insider threats and weigh in with their experiences of having mitigated instances of insider threats. Scroll down to read more about our two speakers and Download the link to the webinar by filling the form.

About the speakers:

Anand has over 32 years of experience in building enterprise software solutions and brings a unique mix of security and storage DNA. He was previously the Managing Director and Head of McAfee’s R&D Center in India and Senior Vice President of Commvault’s worldwide product development. Anand is a prolific inventor and claims several granted patents in computer storage management.
Anand Prahlad
CEO & President, Parablu
Tarun Krishnamurthy has been in the cybersecurity industry since 2002. Engaging with him, several companies have achieved a culture of security built-in – across aspects of people, processes, tools, and automation for compliance. A key aspect that Tarun focuses on is the Secure Data Lifecycle Management meeting regulations like GDPR and PDPA.
Tarun krishnamurthy
Tarun Krishnamurthy
Managing Partner, Co-Founder
Strategic global leader with 18 years experience in Network & Security (Information & Cyber) Design, Presales, Audit, System Integration, Transition, Transformation, Assessment, Major Incident Management, Workforce Management, Program Recovery , Service Delivery , Relationship management with CXO community of strategic accounts of Wipro Technologies globally.
Kaushik Saha
Kaushik Saha
Group Chief Information Security Officer, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group
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