A Modern SaaS Approach to Data Protection & Resiliency


  • Saurabh Sensharma 
  • Jeffrey Schwartz 
  • Randy De Meno

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About the webinar

Remote workers and endpoints have exponentially grown in recent years and the frequency of cyber-attacks on endpoints, the entry point for most forms of malware, has increased multi-fold, necessitating better data management & protection measures. Similarly, businesses are recognizing the increasing need to enhance protection of their Microsoft 365 accounts for regulatory compliance.

In today’s world, a comprehensive endpoint and Microsoft 365 data management & protection strategy are imperative to prevent data losses caused due to ransomware as well as insider threats such as accidental (or malicious) data deletion.

Join Data Management and SaaS experts Saurabh Sensharma from Microsoft, Jeffrey Schwartz from Channel Futures, and Parablu’s Randy De Meno in understanding the latest trends in cybersecurity and learning best practices.

The following topics will be covered in the discussion:

  • While the growing number of endpoints means improved productivity, it can also enable more entry points for malicious activity
  • The importance of Data Security
  • Data Immutability – and its importance in achieving Data Resiliency
  • Ransomware protection, alerting, and recovery
  • Compliance/E-Discovery/Search
  • Secure File Migration
  • The breadth of storage options from Parablu
    • Microsoft Azure as a storage target
      • Worldwide locations
      • Built-in Redundancy
  • OneDrive as a secure backup target
    • Parablu’s secure container methodology

About the speakers:

Saurabh has 10+ years of industry experience covering multiple areas across mobile and cloud-computing domains, including Cloud Infrastructure and Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery. 3 US patents granted, with 1 patent pending. Currently working as Senior Program Manager on the Azure Storage Partner Ecosystem team and works with ISVs to co-engineer compelling solutions on the Azure platform. He has spent 4+ years as a product manager on the Azure Backup product engineering team, building cloud-native backup solutions for files/unstructured data in Azure, hybrid and on-premises environments. Passionate about helping ISVs build data management solutions on the Azure Storage platform, that provide distinct advantage to customers looking to modernize IT environments and redefine infrastructure management.
Saurabh Sensharma
Saurabh Sensharma
Senior Program Manager, Azure Storage, Microsoft
Jeffrey Schwartz is a freelance journalist, researcher and writer covering information technology for audiences ranging from technical professionals, decision-makers, business managers, channel partners and consumers. Coverage has included modern and emerging software, hardware and services, as well as traditional legacy/ proprietary platforms, PCs, collaboration, cloud infrastructure, mobility, telecommunication, databases and data analysis.
Jeffrey (Jeff) Schwartz
Jeffrey Schwartz
Editor-at-Large, Channel Futures
Randy has over 27 years of experience in delivering unique and industry leading technology in different enterprise segments. He has managed strategic and foundation partnerships assisting with two successful IPOs – Commvault and Banyan Systems. He led Commvault’s entry into heterogeneous data management and pioneered Commvault’s Microsoft Centric, heterogeneous software solution. Randy led Commvault’s foundation partnership with Microsoft for over 25 years and played a key role in the equity investment Microsoft put into Commvault. He holds dozens of patents for data management and protection technology including E-Discovery and Granular Application Integration.
Randy De Meno
Chief Strategy Officer, Parablu
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