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Secure Data from Ransomware Attacks

Keep Your Data Safe and Backup with Confidence


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Governments affected by ransomware in just Q1 and Q2 of 2019


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Countries that were affected by the Ransomware ‘WannaCry’

It’s a fact that cloud storage, especially the public cloud, is not immune to ransomware attacks.  When Ransomware strikes, bypassing your security defenses, files and folders on your endpoints are the first to get impacted. The chances that these changes get synced to their target cloud storage are extremely high.

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BluVault – Data’s Best Defense against Ransomware Attacks

Secure Backup on the Cloud

The best defense against Ransomware attacks, without a doubt is a backup. Having a safe copy of your data stowed away means that you don’t have to be held hostage by a faceless attacker.

BluVault is designed to keep your data safe in the cloud. Supported by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by an enterprise-grade privacy gateway – your data can travel between your enterprise assets and the cloud, fully encrypted, kept secure even at rest.  BluVault equips you with the ability to maintain a secure data archive, ensure safe and reliable backup and recovery, and meet data protection and data privacy-related compliance requirements.

Platform Features

ransomware-Fully Encrypted Backup

Fully Encrypted Backup

Industrial strength encryption secures your data as it travels between your enterprise assets and the cloud. Because you control the encryption keys, you control the data. Never us, never anybody else.

ransomware -Policy-based Automated Backup

Policy-based Automated Backup

Designed to support and empower enterprise IT administrators by allowing them to exercise centralized control over backup features, access and use of the solution.

ransomware - Auditable Data Trail

Auditable Data Trail

One-click activity reporting features on the dashboard ensure you can always track and manage the movement of your data from wherever you are.

Parablu Advantage

Ransomware -Enterprise-class Data Protection

Enterprise-class Data Protection

Define backup parameters and ensure regular endpoint data backup to the cloud with no interruptions thanks to network bandwidth optimization.

Ransomware -Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet Compliance Requirements

Parablu solutions are designed to help you meet the requirements of most global data protection and data privacy mandates, including GDPR.

Ransomware -Lower Storage Cost

Lower Storage Cost

Parablu’s ability to leverage storage subscriptions like OneDrive or Google Drive translates into you spending less on buying additional cloud storage, saving you as much as 70% in total costs.

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