Parablu DOMINATES G2 reviews in the Backup Software category

Parablu, a global provider of SaaS-based data protection and management solutions for endpoints, on-premises, and cloud environments, today announced that its BluVault backup solution came out on top in G2’s “Best Online Backup” report comparing 160 different online backup products.

G2’s reporting detailed a broad spectrum of functionality and features critical to an organization’s requirements for online backup, recovery, and cyber-resiliency. Solutions in the report are ranked based on feedback from real-world users with hands-on experience testing the various products. The Parablu solution dominated the rankings, placing first in 20 of the 29 critical categories and second in the remaining nine.

The G2 ( Best Online Backup report includes evaluations from companies that use online backup tools to ensure business continuity in the event that hardware failure, accidental deletion of files, malicious activity (not the least of which are ransomware attacks), or regulatory requirements to ensure future access to information. These tools differ from legacy server backup technology by functioning through the internet and storing local or web-based files online, whereas server-based backup solutions operate primarily on-premises to ensure that damaged or malfunctioning servers do not result in data loss. Parablu’s SaaS solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, was the highest-ranked solution overall when compared to over 150 traditional name brand, legacy, start-up, and cloud-hosted alternatives.

To qualify for inclusion in the Online Backup category, a product must store files and data online or in the cloud, integrate with applications or sync with endpoints to backup files, and provide online access to backup controls.

Parablu’s BluVault was the top-rated solution when compared to 159 other offerings in  the following categories:

  • Meets Requirements
  • Ease of Setup
  • Quality of Support
  • Product Direction
  • Storage Capacity
  • Versioning
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Documentation
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Deduplication
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Administration
  • Has Parablu been a good partner
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Backup
  • Mobile Backup Application
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Security & Compliance
  • Disk Backup

 Parablu also was rated among the top 2% among all solutions evaluated for Real-Time Synch, Data Encryption and, Storage Formats.

“The only detail that may be more impressive than Parablu’s performance in the G2 report is the analysis and depth of the report itself,” noted Randy De Meno, Parablu’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Honestly, it was amazing to learn that so many solutions exist; and for Parablu to be so highly rated by customers is not only gratifying, but a true testament to our solution, experience, and focus on delivering best-in-class value for endpoints and Microsoft 365 users. We also are grateful for integration partners like Cohesity and especially Microsoft, whose scale, geo-location, and secure  worldwide network of Azure datacenters help us deliver these services.”

Parablu’s solution, which delivers a “Zero-Storage-Cost” option and a Ransomware Defense Suite combined with Virtual Air-Gapping, Zero-Trust Security, and Cyber-Resiliency options is available worldwide and via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“The pace of change and the role of cyber-resiliency and data protection are accelerating,” said Bill Williams, CEO of Luminate AI. “Parablu’s rapid ascent through the ranks of traditional leaders in the data management/protection space should come as no surprise. The G2 report confirms our belief about the breadth of their solution and the value it provides to customers and partners.”

About Parablu

Parablu is a leading provider of data security and resiliency solutions for the digital enterprise. These solutions protect enterprise data completely and provide total visibility into all data movement through centrally managed intuitive dashboards. Parablu’s products include BluVault, a suite of powerful and secure data backup solutions designed for the cloud; and BluSync™, a suite of solutions designed for secure managed file transfer, secure collaboration, and file services. Both solutions holistically address enterprise data protection needs and can be easily bridged with existing infrastructure to provide cost-effective data protection. To learn more about Parablu visit

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