Keep your data safe from Insider Threats with a backup solution

Insider threat

procuretechLearn how Parablu’s enterprise-class data protection features considerably reduced the risks of data loss and also gave ProcureTechStaff the confidence of quick recovery from any form of ransomware or insider attacks.


SAmtaWith immutable encrypted, and versioned backup copies of all endpoint data, Samta Group has no fear of data losses due to ransomware or insider threats. They know they can always find the data they need and restore it back with a few clicks of the mouse.


CognaticLearn how Cognatic used Parablu’s solutions data protection features – industry-grade encryption, a proprietary privacy gateway for secure data movement, data obfuscation, and detailed audit trails to achieve high data protection.


CloudLearn how Embassy ensures high availability of critical data using BluVault. They’ve reduced their risk of data loss, without spending a penny on backup storage. Read this case study to understand how they’ve managed to utilize OneDrive for Business storage as a backup repository rather than invest in additional cloud storage.

Insider threat is one of the most underestimated areas of data security. However, recent development and the recent insider threat reports have indicated a rapid increase in the number of insider attacks.

There are records worth billions, either stolen or corrupted due to insider threats. The above statistics on insider threats reveal the dangers that can come from employees, vendors, or other trusted associates who have easy access to your network. These have forced data security experts to pay closer attention to the damaging nature of insider threats.

To better manage risks and protect against insider threats you must make a safe backup copy that ensures safe, insulated, and immutable. Parablu’s BluVault is designed to save your data in flight and at rest. Whether your data resides in endpoints, servers, or in the cloud (SaaS data) it is imperative to protect it. With our best-in-class encryption methods, we ensure that your data is meant for your eyes only.

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