Join Parablu at the Microsoft 365 Community Conference, 2024! 

M365Conf 2024

Learn about Parablu's M365 backup and security solution. And get a chance at 2 WIN Reality Meta Headsets and baseball bats.

Parablu welcomes you to M365con 2024! 


Join us at Booth 401 during the Microsoft 365 Community Conference to discover how Parablu can enhance the security of your M365 data. Learn about our solutions for data backup and recovery and seize the opportunity to get two WIN Reality Meta Headsets and baseball bats, and more. 

Visit Booth 401 to: 

  • Get a chance to win two WIN Reality Meta Headsets and baseball bats, and more. Discover how our solutions can save you up to 70% on TCO over 3 years and lower cyber insurance premiums by up to 41%. 
  • Explore key features like encryption, data residency, capacity management, and self-service recovery of solutions.
  • Connect with our experts to learn why Parablu should be your go-to data security provider. 

Mark your calendars! 

Join us at M365con 2024! Visit booth 401 to explore Parablu’s solutions. 

For any queries or information, fill out the form. Or contact us at  See you there! 



Randy De Meno

Chief Strategy Officer / CTO

John Gallo

John Gallo

VP, Sales – Americas & Europe


Lenny Daniele

Director at Parablu

Kyle Rapp

Kyle Rapp

Sales Director

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