BluVault for Microsoft 365

The easiest and most reliable backup for businesses

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About the Datasheet

BluVault for Microsoft 365

You’ve moved your data to Microsoft 365 and enabled greater collaboration for your
distributed teams and achieved seamless accessibility to important data. That’s great,
but have you thought about how to enhance the vital M365 data while protecting it?
BluVault helps you backup and gain additional knowledge from your Microsoft 365
data-Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams seamlessly
to an alternate cloud target with total security and privacy.

SaaS data backups are an indispensable asset in any IT Administrator’s toolkit. Whether it is to achieve regulatory compliance, protect against ransomware, defend against insider threats or just plain recover lost data – a cloud-cloud backup is an absolute necessity. Zero-Knowledge Privacy is a tenet that all Parablu products are built on. This ensures that your data can be accessed only by you and nobody else – not the cloud vendor, not even us.

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