Bespoke BaaS

Backup as a Service on your terms

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Bespoke BaaS

BluVault for servers Secure enterprise backup management suite for servers

Both On-premise and SaaS-based backup offer unique benefits. A SaaS-based backup solution (nicknamed BaaS – for Backup as a Service) offers the advantage of having your users work from anywhere and takes infrastructure headaches off your hands. But an on-premise setup offers its own unique set of advantages. On-premise setups offer greater control to businesses over data security and privacy and many times help them fulfill regulated industry requirements.

Considering that both the models (complete BaaS or complete on-Premise) offer different sets of advantages, Parablu offers Bespoke BaaS a combined hybrid approach that offers the flexibility to exploit benefits out of both models. A dominant player in India's retail landscape was able to establish automated data backups from their endpoints for their mobile workforce and employees across multiple operating locations through Parablu's unique solution - Bespoke BaaS.

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