Parablu + Bajaj Consumer Care

How Parablu transformed data security at Bajaj Consumer Care for enhanced efficiency and protection.

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Bajaj Consumer care

About the case study

Keeping data safe every second is essential for businesses. However, numerous companies are dissatisfied with their current solution providers despite the myriad of available backup solutions. Whether it’s due to misalignment with specific needs, concerns about costs, or other limitations, these businesses find themselves at the crossroads.   

Bajaj Consumer Care Limited is one of India’s leading FMCG companies, renowned for its diverse range of personal care products, including hair oils, skincare, and oral care solutions. With a rich legacy, Bajaj Consumer Care has built a robust reputation for quality and innovation in the market. As a prominent player in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, Bajaj Consumer Care handles a vast amount of sensitive data related to product formulations, market research, consumer demographics, and financial information. As a consumer-centric organization, protecting sensitive data is crucial. Ensuring robust data security measures is essential to maintaining trust and upholding their reputation in the competitive market.  

Some risk their data security by operating without a dedicated backup solution. Businesses must find a suitable backup solution that aligns with their needs to ensure their data remains secure and their operations remain resilient. Like Bajaj did. By adopting Parablu, Bajaj Consumer Care successfully addressed its data security concerns and enhanced operational efficiency.  To explore how Parablu’s solution can benefit you, request a demo

" At Bajaj Consumer Care, Parablu's implementation brought efficiency to our data security framework. Its integration with Azure Blob, combined with its user-friendly interface and prompt restore features, streamlined our processes and enhanced our resilience against data threats.”
Bhabani Singh
Bhabani Singh
Manager, IT Infrastructure & Security at Bajaj Consumer Care
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