How Parablu Revolutionized Microsoft Exchange Data Security for a BFSI customer

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About the case study

About the Customer:    

This customer has established themselves as a leading name in the BFSI sector. Known for their services and commitment to excellence, they have emerged as a standout player in the industry.  

Industry: Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance    

Solution used: Parablu’s BluVault for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Backup .

The challenges they faced:    

Operating within the BFSI sector, the customer operates in a heavily regulated vertical and manages sensitive financial data. They rely on Microsoft 365 for email communication but faced security concerns like:    

  • Cloud service limitations    

Microsoft, as the provider of the cloud infrastructure, operates in a ‘Shared Responsibility” model which means they do not take full responsibility for consumer data security. While Microsoft protects its cloud tenant to the extent required to meet their SLAs, they do not extend the same level of responsibility to the data uploaded by the customer. This created a potential vulnerability, as any compromise of the MS tenant could result in unauthorized access to sensitive data.     

  • Litigation hold vulnerability     

The customer also faced a challenge concerning a litigation hold. In the MS environment, data placed on litigation hold is, by design, stored within the same repository as active data. Consequently, if the MS tenant were to be compromised, data under litigation hold would be equally at risk, undermining the integrity of legal proceedings and compliance efforts.          

To address these challenges, the customer turned to Parablu’s  BluVault solution. BluVault provides a comprehensive data protection and backup solution tailored to meet the security requirements of BFSI companies for Exchange Online backup.     

Solution provided by Parablu for M365 Exchange online data backup:    

Parablu’s BluVault, an enterprise-grade data security solution, proved to be the right fit to comprehensively address their data security concerns. The customer received benefits like:     

  • Automated and fully touch-less, backups for Microsoft 365 Exchange online data,   
  • Secure, offsite storage in a secure cloud destination with end-to-end encryption to enhance data protection,    
  • Journaled archive of all email – i.e. no emails missed even if users deleted them between backup runs, 
  • Legal/Litigation Hold capability, 
  • Powerful eDiscovery and full text search with easy PST export, 
  • Support for in-place archives, 
  • Granular recovery options for swift restoration of critical data even if the MS tenant is compromised,  

and more!    

"Before we discovered BluVault, we needed help with the security of our Exchange data. Microsoft's limitations left us vulnerable, and we constantly worried about our data safety. With BluVault's robust features, our Exchange data is now safely backed up and protected."
- VP, IT Infrastructure
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