Back up OneDrive for Business

BluVault for OneDrive Backup and Restore

  • Certified Microsoft Co-sell ready Partner
  • Listed on Microsoft AppSource and Azure
  • Trusted by several thousand users worldwide

Back up OneDrive for Business

BluVault for OneDrive Backup and Restore

  • Certified Microsoft Co-sell ready Partner
  • Listed on Microsoft AppSource and Azure
  • Trusted by several thousand users worldwide

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Backup OneDrive for Business Data Securely

As enterprises look for ways to ease collaboration and help their teams with seamless accessibility, they’re increasingly turning to  Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive for Business.  But while your teams lean on OneDrive, who’s watching your data in OneDrive? Having a safe and reliable backup of your OneDrive files helps organizations achieve regulatory compliance, protect against ransomware, and defend against insider threats.  To be safe, backup to an alternate cloud destination and ensure that you are never left without access to the data you rightfully own.  Simply put – a OneDrive backup is an absolute necessity.

Simplifying OneDrive Backup while keeping your data secure

OneDrive backup

Manage OneDrive Backup that is Intuitive

BluVault, OneDrive for Business backup solution makes backing up your OneDrive files easy and efficient.  It automatically detects new users who are added and provisions them for backup and relinquishes licenses for users who’ve left the organization. OneDrive  Cloud-cloud backup movement means you have no on-premise infrastructure impact.  Users can view backed-up files and folders in a familiar and easy-to-use web interface.  Recovering data is as easy as right-clicking and selecting restore to retrieve files back into their OneDrive cloud storage. Or simply download the files or folders to an endpoint if they wish.


BluVault Features

onedrive automatic backup

Schedule Automated OneDrive Backup

BluVault enables automatically scheduled  backups that ensure that all OneDrive data is safely stored and easily recoverable (OneDrive automatic backup). Granular restores enable you to get back a single file or an entire drive and everything in between

Self-service Restore

Self-service Restore

Restores have never been more intuitive.  View files and folders in a familiar File Explorer like interface.  Restore data back to the OneDrive account in Microsoft 365 or bring back folders and important files to their endpoint.  Restore out-of-place to an alternate OneDrive account if required.  Restore previous versions or go back in time and restore whole folders as they  looked at that point in time. 

Full-Text Searchability

Full-Text Searchability

Users literally have information at their fingertips.   A full searchable index means they can find any file from the backup vault, at any time, in a matter of seconds.  Search by filename, extension or even contents within the file and have it appear.  Navigate directly to the file location or download the file right away.

Parablu Advantage

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance by retaining emails for the required time periods, and produce reports to show audit teams evidence of compliance. Flexible policies allow you to configure retention and control how long older emails need to be preserved. You can also use the Legal Hold feature to extend retention indefinitely for specific users.

Defend against Malicious deletion

Defend against Malicious Deletion

Having a scheduled backup run daily or multiple times a day means that you have an up-to-date copy of all user email in our searchable vault. Never worry about a malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee, or someone causing damage before leaving your organization. BluVault has you covered.

Protection From Ransomware

Protection from Ransomware

BluVault is designed to protect you from ransomware attacks by ensuring that a copy of your data is always available to you – safe and secure. In case of an attack, you can simply point back to a point-in-time previous to the attack, and restore your data and not be held hostage by the attacker. 

Data sheet - Backup OneDrive for Business

BluVault – Microsoft OneDrive for Business Backup

Protection of your Microsoft 365 assets made easy.

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“ISVs like Parablu provide added options and extend value to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with their BluVault solution.”

Mike AmmerlaanDirector – Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

“The best part was that we did not even have to pay for backup storage – we backup the data to our existing OneDrive for Business accounts. It is a win-win situation for all involved,and we are happy that we chose Parablu.”

Pragnesh MistryGroup IT Manager, RPG Enterprises

“In Parablu, we found the right solution for all our endpoint backup needs. Utilizing our Office 365 accounts for all our endpoint backups was something that we had not thought about. This has increased the ROI on our Office 365 subscriptions and BluVault as well!”

Hariharan SubramanianVice President – IT & Technology, Shriram Properties

“Parablu fills a critical need for secure data backup and availability in today’s cloud landscape.”

Raja UkilChief Information Officer, Wipro Limited.

“BluVault has helped us to ensure data availability and security during the pandemic, when our employees were working from home. And, to achieve all these we did not have to pay anything for the backup storage. ”

Pratik TawdeIT Manager, Samta Group

” Data availability and protection directly impact our customers, and we constantly strive to achieve greater confidence in our data protection strategy. BluVault from Parablu has been a great partner in helping us get there.”

Bantwal Ramesh BaligaChief Executive Officer, Watertec (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“We are very happy that we took the decision to use Parablu for our data backup needs. The solution has helped us ensure all our enterprise data is safely backed up in the cloud and that we have ready access to it anytime. The data protection it offers and the ease of implementation/use are topped up with a very strong support team. We recommend Parablu and BluVault.”

Biplab ChaudhuriFounder and Chairman, Cognatic

“Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. ”

Dr. BatheiahChief Information Officer, Embassy Group

“OneDrive for Business make it easy to manage your work files, share them and collaborate from any device. Parablu enriches OneDrive for Business with customizations for backup, security and scalability enhancing the cloud experience for customers.”

Narendra BhandariGeneral Manager – Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft India.

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