Parablu Partnered with Microsoft to Strengthen Your Microsoft 365 Data Secruity

Enhance Your Data Backup and Recovery Strategy with Azure-Centric Parablu BaaS

Only YOU hold the keys to your M365 data

A sound cyber-resilient, data management, and protection strategy should be critical to every organization’s Information Technology plan. Cyber-resiliency and protection can help recover data from accidental losses and keep businesses regulatorily compliant, protect against insider threats, and prove to be an invaluable defense against Ransomware.

Privacy matters more than ever, especially regarding your valuable M365 data.
Our cutting-edge solution, BluVault, provides Zero-Knowledge Privacy, offering exclusive data control. You alone hold the keys, ensuring the utmost confidentiality for your sensitive data. You can experience exclusivity and control that goes beyond conventional measures.

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In partnership with Microsoft, Parablu’s SaaS-based BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) makes it easy for a business of any size to adopt a full-featured, enterprise-class backup that is fully hosted and managed in the cloud. A fully hosted data management solution that takes pesky infrastructure headaches off your hands and works like clockwork each day. Backed by our patented technology, Parablu BaaS even integrates with your existing Azure storage, Microsoft 365, and OneDrive subscriptions to reduce your backup storage costs to ZERO!

As a top-tier partner on the Azure Marketplace, BluVault is your go-to solution for top-notch cybersecurity. BluVault, loaded with features, brings awesome perks for Microsoft users. Verified for compatibility, security, and reliability, our partnership with Microsoft guarantees the highest standards in the cybersecurity industry.

Parablu’s BluVault is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Explore Parablu BaaS’s complete set of features and capabilities.

Implementing Parablu’s Backup as a Service: A Quick Overview

Getting on board is a piece of cake. Zero implementation effort that includes airgap, MFA, and zero-trust security. In less than an hour of one-time configuration, deploy our agent on your endpoints, and you’ll be on your way! Stay completely in control with a dedicated, centralized web-based portal at your fingertips.
Avoid the complexity of infrastructure management – compute provisioning, disk partitioning, security signoffs, firewall settings, change requests – and all of that. Allow the Parablu team to handle everything for you in the cloud. All you have to do is deploy the BluVault backup agent on your business endpoints. You can do this once using a mass deployment tool like SCCM, AD GPO, or any other tool you prefer. That’s it! The agent auto-updates itself after that.

How does Parablu help with Microsoft 365 data secruity?

Military-grade encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, air-gapped data security, and more. Explore Parablu’s solutions below.

Share files and folders of any size or type without limitations. From large PSTs to diverse ISOs, BluSync facilitates seamless sharing without restrictions. 

Any file, any folder

Assured data protection, migration, and backup service with no restrictions on file sizes, names, and types, whether they’re in use or not, including PST files that are in use.

Smart Incremental Backups

Full and incremental backup

An initial full backup followed up with incremental backups forever to ensure sensitive network and storage utilization.

Easily select the folders you wish to protect and the ones you want to exclude. And the file types (or attachment types) you wish to include or exclude. Take control of how often you'd like backups to run (you can select multiple schedules daily) and set data retention rules. Manage several thousand users with just a handful of policy settings. A policy, once defined, can be assigned to a large group of users.

Policy-based management

Manage backup and restore behavior using simple policies that allow you to control a range of parameters – from backup schedules, folders, and file types to include/exclude, number of versions to keep, storage quotas – you name it.

De-Duplication and Compression

De-duplication and compression

Data compression combined with smart, variable-length global block-level de-duplication that starts at the source saves valuable network bandwidth and storage space.

Self-service interface

Empowers users with the flexibility to choose what to backup, set privacy options, discover how protected their files are, and do their own restores.

Create secure, time-bound links for large file transfers. Strengthen security measures with robust password requirements, multi-factor authentication, and Information Rights Management (IRM) controls to prevent downloading, printing, or saving of file contents. 

Partial file transfer

Smart algorithms break down large files, identify only changed parts, and back those up.

Automatic Audit Logs

Enterprise audit trail

Reports that always keep you up-to-date and audit logs that cover all critical touchpoints.

BluVault's endpoint agent is designed to conserve your users' network bandwidth usage. Specialized algorithms perform smart incremental backups, compression, and variable-length block-level de-duplication at source to ensure the most optimized payload. Also, easily set limits on network bandwidth and CPU usage via policies.

Network and CPU Throttling

Control the impact of the Parablu agent on the endpoint by adjusting CPU usage levels and implementing flow control using the network throttling feature.

Detect and mitigate internal risks, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

File versions

Preserve multiple file versions and control the aging/retention of versions based on policy.

AD and Azure AD Support

AD and Azure AD Support

Integrates easily with enterprise namespaces, such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, for authentication and provision or de-provisioning users.

Secure File Sharing Through MFA

Secure sharing

Leverage policy-based data sharing with password protection, read-only access, two-factor authentication, and self-destructing links.

Need to satisfy a court order or a request from your internal legal team? Flip the legal hold switch on your BluVault policy and suspend retention rules indefinitely. All backup data is retained forever from that point forward for all servers pointed to that policy.

Litigation hold

Assign special data protection policies to identified users/devices to meet all legal or litigation-related needs.

Share files and folders of any size or type without limitations. From large PSTs to diverse ISOs, BluSync facilitates seamless sharing without restrictions. 

Release independent migration for seamless upgrades

Easily restore data to new operating systems (e.g., Windows 10 to Windows 11) and even cross-platform recovery (e.g., MAC & Linux data easily migrated to Windows and vice-versa). Easy retrieval from hardware failures and ransomware incidents.

Do you have Microsoft 365 subscriptions?

Here’s a detailed version of how Parablu can easily backup, secure, and recover your M365 data. Enable unified data backup across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Save up to 70% on storage costs.

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Mike Ammerlaan Director – Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

As cloud and mobility have become prevalent over the last several years, data that was traditionally on-premises has now moved into SaaS cloud platforms. ISVs like Parablu provide added options and extend value to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with their BluVault solution.

Vijay Kumar Senior Director, Microsoft.

“Parablu, with its backup and recovery capabilities, adds value to our Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 customers. Parablu BaaS extends these benefits and makes it easier for customers to adopt a cloud-based backup solution that assures them a high ROI on their investments in the Microsoft Cloud.”

Narendra Bhandari General Manager – Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft India.

“OneDrive for Business makes it easy to manage your work files, share them, and collaborate from any device. Parablu enriches OneDrive for Business with customizations for backup, security, and scalability – enhancing the cloud experience for customers.”

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