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      Why Parablu BaaS  (Backup as a Service)

A sound cyber-resilient, data management and protection strategy should be a critical part of every organization’s Information Technology plan. Cyber-resiliency and protections can not only help recover data from accidental losses, but they also serve to keep businesses regulatorily compliant, protect against insider threats, and prove to be an invaluable defense against Ransomware.


Parablu’s SaaS based BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) makes it easy for a business of any size to adopt a full-featured, enterprise-class backup, that is fully hosted and managed in the cloud.  A fully hosted data management solution that takes pesky infrastructure headaches off your hands and works like clockwork each day.  Backed by our patented technology, Parablu BaaS even integrates with your existing Azure storage, Microsoft 365 and subscriptions to reduce your backup storage costs to ZERO!

Getting onboarded is a piece of cake. Zero implementation effort that includes airgap, MFA and zero-trust security. Less than an hour of one-time configuration, deploy our agent on your endpoints – and you’ll be on your way! Always stay in complete control with a dedicated, centralized web-based portal.

Parablu’s BluVault is now available on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Explore Parablu BaaS’s complete set of features and capabilities.

A Quick Overview of Parablu’s Backup as a Service Solutions

Avoid the complexity of infrastructure management – compute provisioning, disk partitioning, security signoffs, firewall settings, change requests – and all of that. Let the Parablu team handle everything for you in the cloud.   All you need to do is deploy the BluVault backup agent on your business endpoints.  You can do this one-time using a mass deployment tool like SCCM, AD GPO or any other tool of your choice.  That’s it! The agent auto-updates itself after that.

Parablu’s Backup Service Chart

Parablu BaaS Key Features


Any file, any folder

Assured data protection, migration, and backup service with no restrictions on file sizes, names, types, whether they’re in use or not.  That includes PST files which are in use.


Full and incremental backup

An initial full backup followed up with incremental backups forever to ensure sensitive utilization of network and storage.

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Policy-based management

Manage backup and restore behavior using simple policies that allow you to control a range of parameters – from backups schedules, folders to include/exclude, file types to include/exclude, number of versions to keep, storage quotas – you name it.


De-duplication and compression

Data compression combined with smart, variable length global block-level de-duplication that starts right at the source, saves valuable network bandwidth and storage space.


Self-service Interface

Empowers users with the flexibility to choose what to backup, set privacy options, discover how protected their files are, and do their own restores.

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Partial file transfer

Smart algorithms to take apart large files, identify only  parts have changed, and just back those up.


Enterprise audit trail

Reports that keep you up to date at all times, and audit logs that cover all critical touchpoints.


Network and CPU Throttling

Control the impact of the Parablu agent on the endpoint by adjusting CPU usage levels and implement flow-control using the network throttling feature.

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File versions

Preserve multiple file versions and control the aging/retention of versions based on policy.


AD and Azure AD Support

Integrate with enterprise namespaces, such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory for authentication and to provision or de-provision users.


Secure sharing

Leverage policy-based data sharing with password protection, read-only access, two-factor authentication, and self-destructing links.

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Litigation hold

Assign special data protection policies to identified users/devices for all legal or litigation hold requirements.


Release independent migration for seamless upgrades

Easily restore data to new operating systems (e.g., Windows 10 to Windows 11) and even cross-platform recovery (e.g., MAC & Linux data easily migrated to Windows and vice-versa).   Recovery from failed hardware and ransomware is simple.

Do you have Microsoft 365 subscriptions?

Safely back up endpoint data to your existing OneDrive for Business storage allocations

The Parablu Advantage


Optimized for OneDrive storage

Our BaaS is different from other SaaS-based backups because it doesn’t restrict you to our storage.  Although we can provide cloud storage, our solution is storage-agnostic and can backup to any cloud storage target. Significantly, our patented solution optimized for Microsoft OneDrive storage, allowing us to create secure containers using your existing subscriptions to Microsoft OneDrive / Azure is a unique and favored “zero additional storage cost” proposition.


End-to-End Encryption

Parablu’s BaaS applies industrial-strength encryption on backup data streams, both during transit and at rest. With end-to-end encryption, you can be assured that your data is safe wherever it’s stored and all along the way.

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Zero Storage Cost

Parablu’s patented integration with individual user storage allocations like OneDrive means that you can accomplish backups without moving the needle on your storage costs.  This could mean as much as 70% savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when using our BaaS as opposed to any other solution.


BluKrypt™ Assurance

Parablu BaaS is powered by BluKrypt™, our proprietary, patented privacy enhancement technology that enables a secure storage container in which all backup data is shredded, encrypted, and versioned.   It is an unbelievably high bar to scale for a potential attacker and is designed to provide our customers with unparalleled data protection.


Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Parablu’s BaaS is built on the tenet of Zero-Knowledge Privacy which is designed to ensure that your data can be accessed by you and no one else – not the cloud vendor, not Parablu, not a regulatory authority, or a foreign government.  Only you.

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Zero-Trust Security

BaaS is designed for modern security and will seamlessly fit into your Zero Trust Security model.   All data flows on secure channels, using TLS 1.2 with strong ciphers.  You will only need to allow port 443 – no other holes to punch through your firewall.   We integrate with Identity Managers like Azure Active Directory and Okta, augmented with multi-factor authentication protection. Parablu’s solutions embody the principle of least privilege at every level of our stack.


Bespoke BaaS

We understand that your world isn’t black and white. If you need to transition from an on-premises set up to BaaS – we’ll work with you.  You can use BaaS with a combination of our on-cloud workloads, combined with some on-premises workloads.  We are unique in offering this option to customers – which we call Bespoke BaaS.

Strengthen your data protection and management strategy while saving cost

Parablu’s BaaS ensures privacy, confidentiality, and security of digital assets no matter where they reside – whether in a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Apart from the concept of a secure storage container,  Parablu’s unique and patented technology enables integration with end-user MS OneDrive for Business storage subscription that can drive your storage cost down to ZERO and dramatically lower the total cost of ownership for backup.

Data protection Management

Parablu BaaS Benefits


Higher data security, privacy, and confidentiality

Parablu’s secure storage container applies powerful encryption on the backup data and enforces a strict separation of duties along with capabilities such as file and folder name obfuscation and file shredding to offer a significantly higher level of data protection to your enterprise data.


Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Parablu BaaS helps achieve regulatory compliance for regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and others that have strict requirements around data protection and retention. Leverage ready-to-use reports and audit logs to prove compliance to internal audit, an external auditor, or a regulatory authority.


Protection From Ransomware

Ransomware Defense

Security experts are now in concurrence that the best defense against a ransomware attack is a reliable backup.  Parablu BaaS is designed to protect you from ransomware attacks by ensuring that a copy of your data is always available to you – safe and secure – so you don’t need to negotiate with the attacker.  Simply restore your data and be the master of your own destiny.  Parablu also allows administrators to rewind the clock and go back to perform a point-in-time restore, from BEFORE a ransomware attack.


Keep Insider Threats at Bay

Be prepared even for internal data threats.  Parablu BaaS can help you stay ahead of malicious or unintentional deletions by mischievous, careless, or disgruntled employees with a safe and reliable data copy in the cloud.


Scalable Global solution

Distributed workforce? No problem. BluVault works across different global locations while allowing convenient and centralized policy administration.  BaaS has built-in elasticity, redundancy, and failover to ensure that we always got you covered.  We also support enforcing data locality / data sovereignty requirements as necessitated by regulations.


Centralized Management

Utilize a browser-based, centralized management console for data protection operations, across all registered users and devices.

Customer Success Stories


How Tata Sky used Parablu’s BluVault to overcome endpoint data backup and management challenges without any additional investment in backup storage.


RPG Enterprises implemented Parablu’s BluVault and enabled automated backup to their existing OneDrive for Business storage allocations.


Learn how Samta Group streamlined their endpoint data backup process to achieve reliable data protection against insider threats and ensure data availability during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cognatic Landing Page Logo

Learn how Cognatic eliminated manual dependencies for endpoint backups and achieved comprehensive data protection using the cloud as a backup vault; all this while spending ZERO on data storage.


As cloud and mobility have become prevalent over the last several years, data that was traditionally
on-premises has now moved into SaaS cloud platforms. ISVs like Parablu provide added options and extend
value to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with their BluVault solution.

Mike Ammerlaan

Director – Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

“Parablu, with its backup and recovery capabilities, adds value to our Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 customers.
Parablu BaaS extends these benefits and makes it easier for customers to adopt a cloud-based backup solution that
assures them a high ROI on their investments in the Microsoft Cloud.”

Vijay Kumar

Senior Director, Microsoft.

“OneDrive for Business makes it easy to manage your work files, share them, and collaborate from any device.
Parablu enriches OneDrive for Business with customizations for backup, security, and scalability – enhancing the
cloud experience for customers.”

Narendra Bhandari

General Manager – Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft India.

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