Data Protection with Zero
Cost Storage for Backup

Worried about endpoint data backup cost? Parablu enables zero cost backup storage by allowing safe endpoint data backup using your existing end-user storage allocations such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

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How do we achieve data protection with zero cost storage for backup?

Parablu’s BluVault enables you to back up files and folders from your endpoint and store them in your existing online cloud storage account. Be it Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, or your choice of online cloud storage – something that you already own and are paying for.

If your organization subscribes to Microsoft 365 or G Suite, Parablu can help you set up a portion of this existing space in OneDrive for Business or Google Drive as a backup target respectively. Apart from lowering endpoint data backup cost, BluVault creates an automated, and encrypted backup of all files and folders to this space, and also makes sure this data cannot be directly accessed, deleted, or tampered with.

Cost-sensitive Features

No Additional Cloud Storage Needed-01

No Additional Cloud Storage Needed

Leverage storage subscriptions like OneDrive, Google Drive, or your choice of online cloud storage for your backups

Network Bandwidth Sensitive Backup-01

Network Bandwidth Sensitive Backup

High-performance compression of data combined with de-duplication optimizes storage in use as well as network bandwidth

Scalability for Cost Optimization-01

Scalability for Cost Optimization

Architected from the ground up for scalability and storage cost optimization that supports different enterprise and team sizes

Easy Data Back and Restore-01

Easy Data Backup and Restore

Business-critical data backup and restore available at the click of a button, reducing cost, risk, complexity, and dependencies on IT Teams

Compliance with Data Security-01

Compliance with Data Security

Encryption with separation of duties to have complete control over the privacy of your data and ensure regulatory compliance

Defense against Ransomware-01

Defense against Ransomware

Maintain secure data archive, ensure safe and reliable backup or recovery to protect your business against ransomware attacks

How Embassy Group made the leap to the cloud

Learn how Embassy Group, a world-leading real estate developer reduced the risk of data loss, ensuring high availability of critical data with reliable backup and restoration in minutes while utilizing OneDrive storage as a backup repository rather than invest additionally in cloud storage.

Embassy Group made the leap to the cloud (1)

“Parablu fills a critical need for secure data backup and availability in today’s cloud landscape.”

Raja UkilChief Information Officer, Wipro Limited.

“Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. ”

Dr. BatheiahChief Information Officer, Embassy Group


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