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BluVault for Work From Home Security

Protect your users even they are working from home

Don’t let COVID-19 affect your data protection strategy

We understand that you are working hard to ensure your business works as usual during this time of crisis. While you manage schedules, operations, meetings, and remote collaboration, let us handle the safety of your crucial data. 

Enabling Better Work From Home Security

work from home security - BluVault

How it works

BluVault runs like clockwork and backs up your employee data per the schedule you choose. It is agnostic to file sizes, folder size or special characters and can be configured to work without overly impacting their precious network bandwidth. Our low-touch model also ensures that you don’t have to spend extra time and manpower to manage the solution. Just install and forget.


BluVault: For data backup you can trust

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BluVault for Work From Home Security

work from home security- data center
Parablu’s services are hosted in SOC-2 and SSAE-16 compliant data centers which provide SLAs of at least 99.9% data availability and as much as 99.999999999 (11 9s) data-durability.
work from home security- bandwidth throtting
Manage precious data bandwidth with features like partial-incremental backups, selective folder & file filters, client-side de-duplication, and flexible network bandwidth throttling
work from home security- Secure policy

Secure communication over https ensures that data is encrypted in-flight at all times. All communication is over port 443 – no extra ports to open and compromise your work from home security policy.

work from home security- Policy based management
Centralized, policy based management allows you to manage thousands of users and their endpoints, across geographies through a single, easy-to-use dashboard
work from home security- active directory authentication

Authentication via Active Directory and Azure Active Directory enables Single Sign-on. Users can also be provisioned and de-provisioned automatically with AD and AAD which ensures high work from home security.

work from home security- Device authentication
Ensure only company-authorized devices are allowed to restore data. Parablu integrates with AAD to provide unbeatable device authentication, apart from allowing checks to ensure that devices are domain joined.
How Parablu can help
work from home security -compliance

Regulatory Compliance

BluVault data backup & restore can help you satisfy critical requirements necessary to achieve compliance with regulations such as  HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, NYDFS, and GDPR.

work from home security- defender

Defend against Malicious deletion

Never worry about a malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee, or someone causing damage before leaving your organization. BluVault has you covered.

work from home security- Ransomware protection

Protect against Ransomware

Keep your data safe from Ransomware attacks and ensures that your backup copies are available to you at all times.

On-Demand Webinar

You’re staying safe, but can you say that for your data? – A webinar on Secure File sharing

Protect your users’ data while they Work From Home

Protect your data today

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©2021 Parablu Inc. All Trademarks belong to respective owners.  Terms of Use   Privacy Policy