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At Parablu, we strongly believe in the thesis that the best way for us to get better each day is by speaking with our customers on a regular basis. This post is one in a series of multiple conversations we’ve done of this kind.

BluVault is a product we built a few years ago with the goal of making a real difference for customers using data management solutions. An enterprise class solution, that holds customer privacy paramount, with unbeatable TCO, and backed by a world-class support. BluVault is a cloud agnostic solution that keeps end user data secure in the cloud and at all points in the data’s journey between the enterprise network and the cloud storage target. In a climate where regulation is only becoming more demanding, we have businesses who approach us with questions about keeping their data secure, especially in the cloud.

Here’s an instance of a customer who has been using Parablu’s Blukrypt for over three years now.

Customer description

The customer is a leader in creating sustainable living spaces across India.

The Challenge

The legacy tape backup system was weighing down productivity. Lost reliability was proving to be too dear a price to pay. Data was being backed up in multiple remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites and on removable media. While cloud storage costs were high, the flexibility it provided in terms of ability to manage end user’s data centrally, and having the backup copy always available and easily restorable – was an attractive proposition. The ideal solution would not only have to keep their data safe, but also mould itself to their unique needs. The customer had recently subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 and was keen to use their OneDrive for Business storage for backing up files. The native OneDrive client from Microsoft was ok as a sync tool, but didn’t quite cut the mustard as an enterprise class backup. They were actively looking for a vendor who could secure their files on OneDrive, with enterprise class features like policy based management and a centralized management console.


  • Client recently subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 and was not sure how well to utilize the storage
  • Ability to manage end user’s data centrally, they have multiple remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites
  • Not have a backup copy available for easy restores
  • Data loss when an employee left the organization
  • High cost of additional storage cloud storage for backup solutio


Ideal Solution

  • Keep data safe in cloud
  • Utilize already existing OneDrive for Business storage
  • Centralized data management console

What customer says

Primarily, we were looking to implement a single solution to utilize our O365 subscription. Parablu was able to support our plan, utilize the ‘OneDrive for Business’ storage to back up all endpoint devices and our plan to control backup centrally to minimize support complexity for internal IT personals


When Parablu came along, the customer realized that BluVault was as close to the ideal solution as they’d hoped for.  Their security team could sleep peacefully at night knowing that the software stack BluVault is built on, includes BluKrypt – Parablu’s encryption module, which not only fully encrypts and obfuscates all data before it is sent to the cloud, it also allows the customer full control over the encryption keys.  BluKrypt essentially creates a secure storage container inside the cloud storage target in which all data is fully encrypted, safe and all accesses are audit logged.

Client Approves

The client who has been engaging Parablu’s services for over three years approves of our services. The speed and accessibility of files being backed up to cloud was a concern for the client and we customised our product to address this issue by making roaming users access the closest server. This tweak and customisation was thoroughly appreciated by the client and helped them achieve speed during file transfers.

Why Parablu

  • Parablu BluVault has the unique ability to utilize Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage that the end-users already had, client didn’t have to pay for any additional storage to keep the backup data.
  • Centralized administration console for administrators to centrally manage all the employee’s endpoint data
  • Simples restores
  • Flexible in assigning policies
  • Timely support response

With our BluVault solution, and its unique ability to utilize Microsoft OneDrive storage as a backup target, business critical data is now available at the click of a button, while reducing cost, risk and complexity. Easy restores of data, with the flexibility to restore at the file, folder, or device level, means customers spend fewer sleepless nights. Our high-performance compression of data combined with de-duplication optimizes on storage use as well as network bandwidth. Our encryption with its strict enforcement of separation of duties, ensures a level of control for the customer, and privacy for the data, that is well beyond what normal SaaS applications provide.


Parablu, an award winning provider of secure data management solutions, engineers new-age cloud data protection solutions for the digital enterprise.

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