BluVault: Your Answer to Insider Threat Challenges

Explore how BluVault offers tailored solutions to tackle insider threats and data breaches for ultimate data protection.

Why Choose BluVault for Insider Threat Defense?

BluVault excels in insider threat defense with its advanced technology providing comprehensive data security. 

insider threats

Get tamper-proof backups with effortless versioning, ensuring data security, particularly against data breaches like insider threats.

Stay safe from insider threats by insulating against endpoint changes and preventing accidental deletions to ensure data integrity.

Ensure robust data protection with AES-256 encryption for stored data and TLS 1.2 for transmission.

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BluVault's Advantage in Insider Threat Mitigation

Discover how BluVault’s cutting-edge technologies offer unparalleled protection against insider threats and other data breaches with real-time monitoring and response capabilities. 

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Navigate the complex landscape of SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR effortlessly. Our solutions make regulatory compliance a seamless aspect of your operational process.

Backup Any File, Any Folder

No file is too large! BluVault empowers you to backup any folder or file, be it PSTs, ISOs, or beyond—unleash worry-free data protection. 

Cyber Insurance Savings

Cut cyber insurance costs by 41%. Secure critical data with BluVault to mitigate the risk of data breaches and reduce premiums. 

Central Management Dashboard

Manage everything from one console. BluVault allows you to easily control users, devices, storage, and all elements of backup behavior through a simple web interface.

Cost-Efficient Storage

Slash storage expenses by 70%. Backup directly to OneDrive without additional costs. BluVault ensures managing data is both simple and budget friendly. 

Military-Grade Encryption

Secure your data with BluVault's AES-256 at rest and TLS 1.2 in transit. You retain the keys, ensuring ultimate control and data security. 

Testimonials to our perfection

Saravana Kumar Cluster Head & IT Management Group, Wipro Technologies, Chennai

We use Parablu’s BluVault to protect data on several thousand user endpoints across our organization. It has helped us effectively address a widespread concern that corporations share worldwide, about security of data on the Cloud. By using Zero Knowledge Encryption, we have ensured that all the data is encrypted before it reaches the Cloud. One of the great advantages about BluVault is its ability to harness the organization’s existing OneDrive user subscriptions as a storage vault for data backups.

Hariharan Subramanian
Hariharan Subramanian VP- IT and Technology, Shriram Properties

In Parablu, we found the right solution for all our endpoint backup needs. Utilizing our Office 365 accounts for all our endpoint backups was something that we had not thought about. This has increased the ROI on our Office 365 subscriptions and BluVault as well.


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