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Entertainment, but make it Secure

Minimize Risk and Protect Entertainment Data everywhere it resides with Parablu

Entertainment Data Security Solutions from Parablu

The current world of entertainment has traversed from television set to internet. In the generation of “Netflix and Chill” the one thing that sends chills down the spine of all media-service providers is the loss of their prized content. Threat actors understand the value of each episode that had production costs amounting beyond $1Billion sometimes and are ready to capitalize on any chinks in server and backup systems. With the media and entertainment industry turning to cloud services for better production, distribution and archiving; security of this entertainment data rules paramount. 


Entertainment companies experienced three or more breaches in a year


Firms in the entertainment industry claim to invest more in security in coming years


Of media organizations admit to having experienced a cyber attack of some type or another

BluVault: For Data Backup you can Trust

entertainment data-BluVault

Secure Backup on the Cloud

BluVault is designed to make your compliance requirements scaleable. Supported by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by a privacy gateway, we make it a breeze to keep your entertainment data safe through :

– Data that migrates to the cloud environment fully encrypted, kept secure in transit and at rest.

-Data compression and deduplication, data backup to the cloud which is fast and reliable.

BluVault Features

entertainment data-Fully Encrypted Backup

Fully Encrypted Backup

Best-in-class encryption ensures all your data is rendered undecipherable both in transit and at rest. Also, you control the encryption keys at all times, never us, never anybody else.

entertainment data-Policy-based Data Backup

Policy-based Data Backup

Designed to empower enterprise IT administrators and enforce centralized control over backup features, subscriptions, access and use of the platform.

entertainment data-Transparent Access Monitoring

Transparent Access Monitoring

One-click activity reporting features ensure you can always track and manage the movement of data while built-in audit logs help meet compliance.

Parablu Advantage

Signature Checks

With Parablu, you can be assured that the quality of your files are not hampered with.  Popular online services tend to optimize large media files through compression, which hampers quality. But, not with BluVault

Any File Any Size

Don’t be limited by file sizes. We understand that sizes don’t matter when it comes to producing hard-hitting content. Our solution ensures you can share large files faster and in a secure environment

Data Protection

A solution that ensures encrypted data at rest and in flight. A secure environment that protects your data from malware and ransomware threats through easy backup and restore

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Storage and bandwidth-sensitive backup strategies

In this webinar, our speaker will focus on key challenges around bandwidth and storage usage when backing up user data. And, also explore answers to questions like – What could be storage and bandwidth-sensitive backup approach? How you can adopt these techniques? What are the benefits of implementing data backup solutions?

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