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Endpoint data backup-Bluvault

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Everyday, more and more organizations are opting for cloud storage as a repository of backups. With a wide array of devices connecting to cloud environments, setting up data protection measures for storage and backup becomes critical.

BluVault ensures safe backup to cloud storage environments by securing data both while in transit and at rest.  It protects the privacy and integrity of an organization’s data traveling between the enterprise and the cloud, by way of robust encryption and clear segregation of duties.

Data secured by BluVault is encrypted with modules that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, including GDPR.  What’s more, YOU (the organization), retains control over the encryption keys and have complete flexibility and control over how and where your data is secured.

Apart from protecting and safeguarding data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized alteration, BluVault is built to deliver complete control over the data protection process with detailed reporting, alerting and audit logs.

Data sheet–Endpoint data backup

Data sheet– Secure Endpoint Data Backup

BluVault – Secure Backup Management Suite for Endpoints

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Secure Data Backup and Restore

BluVault enables enterprise end users to securely backup their data in the cloud, while allowing them to easily restore the data when required.

Secure Storage container

BluVault leverages BluKrypt™, Parablu’s secure container, making BluVault unmatched in terms of security, privacy and control no matter how it is deployed – whether in the public cloud or in a hybrid model.

Any Cloud

BluVault is storage and cloud agnostic.  It works with several popular cloud destinations like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, IBM Softlayer etc.  It works with On-premise disk arrays as well.

The Growing Need for Endpoint Data Protection

Fraction of total enterprise data that resides on endpoints.


Percentage of employees who have access to sensitive data on their devices.


Proportion of IT organizations with formal processes for protecting endpoint devices


Percentage of midsize organizations who hope to leverage public cloud for data protection by 2019

Parablu BluVault is now available on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Centralized Data Management

Using centrally configured, and customizable policies, BluVault automatically, optimally, and periodically identifies changed data on user endpoints, compressing, de-duplicating, and encrypting data before sending it to cloud storage.

Endpoint data backup-centralized data management

What’s More? You Can

  • Allow self-service restores
  • Delegated Administration capabilities
  • Configure automated email alerts
  • Auto-generate key reports at specific intervals
  • Configure and control file sharing securely.


Exclusive: BluVault for Microsoft Office 365 Backup

BluVault can leverage existing subscriptions to cloud storage services like OneDrive for Business for secure data backup, which can translate into cost savings of almost 70% compared with competing solutions. Also available for Google Drive.

BluVault Advantage

Keep your data safe from Ransomware and achieve GDPR Compliance

Endpoint data backup-BluVault advantages
Endpoint data backup-protect against ransomware

Protect Against Ransomware

BluVault keeps data safe from Ransomware attacks and ensures that your backup copies are available to you at all times.

Endpoint data backup-accomplish quick data restores

Accomplish Quick Data Restores

BluVault’s simple browse-and-restore interface allows administrators and users to initiate restores effortlessly.

Endpoint data backup-meet compliance regulations

Meet Compliance Regulations

BluVault data backup & restore can help you satisfy critical requirements necessary to achieve compliance with regulations such as  HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, NYDFS, and GDPR.

BluVault Benefits

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

BluVault is powered by BluKrypt, Parablu’s proprietary privacy gateway solution, which thoroughly encrypts and obfuscates all backup data before writing it to cloud storage targets. The ability to control and modify the encryption keys always remains with the business.

Cloud Vendor Agnostic

Cloud Vendor Agnostic

BluVault allows enterprises to utilize the public cloud without any vendor lock-in, giving enterprises the flexibility to adopt a cloud storage vendor (such Microsoft Azure Blob, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Amazon S3, IBM SoftLayer to name a few) that works best for the organization.

Auditable Data Trail

Auditable Data Trail

BluVault data backup is completely auditable. All touch points on the system are automatically logged and generate an audit trail. Parablu’s easy-to-use dashboard generates detailed reports on the movement of data between endpoints and cloud, enforcing accountability.

Delegated Administration capability

Delegated Administration capability

Administrative roles with limited permissions can be assigned to selected users to allow them to perform specific administrative  operations.

Litigation Hold

Litigation Hold

Allows administrators to assign identified users to special policies which align with Legal Hold requirements.

CPU Throttling

CPU Throttling

Allows administrators to control the impact the Parablu agent has on the endpoint, but adjusting CPU usage levels up or down on a scale of 1 to 10.

Administrator Approved Deletion

Administrator Approved Deletion

Allows and Administrator to delete specific user files and folders from backup storage. Critical for GDPR compliance and to satisfy users’ “right to be forgotten”.  Actions are audit-logged for compliance reasons. 

AD and Azure AD Support

AD and Azure AD Support

Integrate easily with LDAP-based enterprise namespaces, such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.


“Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. ”

Dr. BatheiahChief Information Officer, Embassy Group

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