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Backup all M365 data to secure folders. Stay safe from ransomware attacks, data loss, and even insider threats. Enjoy exceptional data security and rapid recovery assurance, only with BluVault M365 backup solution.

Average restores done by a typical customer per month

Average number of files restored by a typical customer

Average data size restored by a typical customer


Being a Microsoft 365 customer, we were looking for an alternative that would help us leverage the petabytes of OneDrive storage we had at our disposal. BluVault from Parablu was the only solution that could do what we needed. BluVault, apart from allowing the usage of OneDrive as a backup vault, also solved several other issues that we were unable to get addressed with our previous solution. It is truly an enterprise-class product. A no-brainer for any business that is a Microsoft 365 subscriber.

Dale Bynum, VP, IT Global Infrastructure operations and Head of IT Security, Coherent Corporation


Parablu’s innovative cyber-resiliency SaaS solution is bolstered by the scale and security of the Microsoft Azure platform. It benefits Fractal and other Parablu customers to meet their data protection and cyber-resiliency needs with a single solution.

Vamshi Kommineni, Sr Director, Azure Storage, Microsoft

Core features

Onedrive backup for business

 Effortless OneDrive Backup and User Management

BluVault makes it simple to back up your OneDrive files. It automatically adds new users to the backup of their system and removes licenses for users who no longer work in your organization.

microsoft exchange backup

 Streamlined Office 365 Exchange Backup

BluVault simplifies Office 365 Exchange data backup. Our advanced technology and proactive customer support ensure a smooth user experience.


Maximize M365 Data Security with BluVault’s Advanced Features

Discover how you can avoid data loss, reduce storage costs, and meet all data security regulations. 

Advanced Archiving

 Advanced Archiving

With BluVault’s “Capacity Management,” you can save mailbox and OneDrive space by archiving attachments and less-used files and replacing them with responsive links.


 Simplified Data Export

Simplify your data export for legal reviews. Our advanced eDiscovery allows precise data retrieval from files, emails, and attachments. You can search and retrieve data by content, date, and other fields.

Microsoft's Licensing Don’t be Limited by Microsoft’s Licensing

Diversify your data storage with BluVault, ensuring vendor-neutral copies beyond Microsoft’s limits, freeing you from hostage situations and licensing constraints.

Security Requirements

Comply with All Security Requirements

BluVault embodies Zero Trust, Centralized Identity Management, secure Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication, and the Principle of Least Privilege for enhanced security.


 Smart Incremental Backup  

BluVault smart backups efficiently store changed data after an initial full backup, minimizing storage and network usage for optimized performance.

BluVault benefits

BluVault’s Benefits for M365 Users

Trust BluVault for total data resilience, minimizing the vulnerability to data loss events.


Central Management Dashboard

Manage everything from one console. BluVault allows you to easily control users, devices, storage, and all elements of backup behavior through a simple web interface.

Hedge Against Full Disk Encryption

BluVault protects against forgotten encryption passwords or software glitches that might lock you out of your fully encrypted laptop.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

BluVault aids businesses in meeting regulatory compliance requirements, such as SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR, by ensuring data backup and retention.

Air-Gapped Backups

Air-Gapped Backups

BluVault’s cloud backups are immune to ransomware because they’re accessed only through authenticated APIs. This prevents the spread of attacks and creates a virtual air-gap defense.

azure active directory

AD and Azure AD Support

BluVault offers effortless integration with AD, Azure AD, and Okta for seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) integration and security groups to provision and de-provision quickly. It aligns with Azure AD Conditional Access policies for robust security.


Powered by BluKrypt™

BluVault, powered by BluKrypt, secures data with advanced encryption, shredding, and versioning. This makes data exceptionally resilient against data breaches and unauthorized access.

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