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Protect Your Data From Insider Threats

The Inside News on Insider Threats

Threats to your data are not always lurking outside your perimeter. Threats to your data could be well within the inside safe areas of your organization. These threats could manifest in the form of malicious threats or accidental deletion. A Gartner study on criminal insider threats found that 62% of insiders with malicious intent are “second streamers,” so-called because they seek to create a second stream of income or other benefits by misusing information for monetary or personal rewards. Protecting your crow jewels from insider threats can get challenging when many of these threats are privileged employees. But with BluVault, you can rest easy.


Firms think they are at risk of insider threats


Increase in the avg. cost of an attack


firms resisted attacks through data encryption


Firms are concerned about unintentional insider attacks

Make Best Friends with Backup

Safe, Insulated, and Immutable Copy of Your Data

Parablu’s BluVault is designed to save your data in flight and at rest. Whether your data resides in endpoints, servers or in the cloud (SaaS data) it is imperative to protect it. With our best-in-class encryption methods, we ensure that your data is meant for your eyes only. Be it your Cloud data, Server data or endpoint data, we ensure you’re protected from data loss by making an immutable copy. BluVault backups your data in real-time  Invariable of file size, folder size or special character limitations without affecting network bandwidth.


BluVault Against Insider Threats

Immutable copy

BluVault ensures a tamper-proof Backup copy which makes versioning a piece of cake. This keeps your data safe, especially in the instance of a ransomware attack.

Insulated from changes

insulated from changes made on the endpoint. This is important to protect against accidental deletion, and more importantly – ransomware attacks.

Encryption Done Right

Our encryption methods follows strict segregation of duties which conserves the integrity of your data. This also helps organizations meet stringent compliance standards like SoX, HIPPA, GDPR and others.

Parablu Advantage

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance by retaining emails for the required time periods, and produce reports to show audit teams evidence of compliance. Flexible policies allow you to configure retention and control how long older emails need to be preserved. You can also use the Legal Hold feature to extend retention indefinitely for specific users.

Defend against Malicious deletion

Having a scheduled backup run daily or multiple times a day means that you have an up-to-date copy of all user email in our searchable vault. Never worry about a malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee, or someone causing damage before leaving your organization. BluVault has you covered.

Simple and Easy Recovery

Search and restore emails with just a few mouse clicks. BluVault’s friendly web interface allows you to view emails in a familiar mailbox format where you can easily see Sender, Receiver, Subject and Date information – along with preview. Simply click and download what you need in a non-proprietary email format which can easily be absorbed by any email client. 

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