How to Use Google Drive to Backup Your Data?

google drive backup

Backup Your Computer to Google Drive

Backing up endpoint data is essential for an enterprise to ensure that its business data is manageable, safe, and easy to be recovered. However, there are a few important questions that an organization trying to set up an endpoint data backup mechanism in place ask themselves.

  • Where do I backup the data?
  • Who will safeguard the data in the backup storage?
  • Are there additional investments and costs involved?
  • How to achieve an automated backup setup?

A comprehensive and intuitive endpoint data backup solution could be a solution to all these questions. 

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A secure endpoint backup solution like BluVault for Endpoint Backup helps you achieve all these and more. Along with automated backups, industry-level encryption, quick data restore features, and protection from ransomware, with BluVault, you get the option to utilize available storage space in your business cloud accounts like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

With BluVault, you get the option to utilize available storage space in your business cloud accounts like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Let us look at how you can set up Google Drive as target storage for your backup in BluVault for Endpoint.

Steps for Using Google Drive as Backup Target Storage

Google Drive Automatic Backup Settings

Once the server is configured by the Parablu Support Team, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. log in to your Parablu portal as an admin

google drive backup - login parablu portal

2. On the portal home, under BluVault tab, click on Settings

google drive backup - click settings

3. On the Settings tab, under Cloud Settings Tools, click on Cloud Credentials

Cloud Credentials

4. On the Google Drive Connection Settings page, enter the following details

  • Client ID: Client ID will be the ID that was provided when you have created a Google app
  • Client Secret: The Client Secret key will be the key that was provided when you have created a Google app

Note: Reach out to Parablu Support Team to create the app in Google Console and get the Client ID and Client Secret.

google drive connection settings

5. Click on Save Settings to save the inputs

click on save settings

6. Now, click on Settings icon on the top right corner and go to My Account

My Account

7. Click on Map to Google Drive to complete setting up Google Drive as the destination storage.

Once done, all scheduled and automatic endpoint backups will be done on the specified Google Drive.

To explore more such features and trial, get in touch with one of our experts!

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