At Parablu, we believe in building enriching customer experiences. A step towards this effort is to bring out the nuances of our relationships with our current clients, our raison d’être. In this write-up we talk about a client with a singularly interesting reason for choosing us as a data protection vendor.

Traditional backup processes have now been overtaken by faster, more effective and efficient solutions. All organizations, irrespective of verticals, have started making strides towards modern data protection mechanisms. Let’s look at the case of an existing Parablu customer and how we’re helping them in their journey towards better data protection.

Customer description

The client is an engineering company that manufactures heavy vehicles.

The Challenge

The challenges faced by this customer are not completely unheard of, but it was educational to examine them in detail. The customer was noticing increasingly frequent instances of loss of important / sensitive data from their disk drives. A pattern did emerge when it was noticed that most of the important data losses occurred at the times when an employee left the organization. In such cases, it proved hard for the organization to conclusively separate accidental losses of data from deliberate ones. The process of finding such missing data in other repositories such as email attachments etc. and restoring them proved painful, cumbersome and almost always, incomplete. These repeated incidents, coupled with the lack of a centralized way to manage all endpoint employee data pushed the organization towards employing a centralized data backup mechanism – something which the customer did not possess a solution for previously. The high price of direct and indirect expenses that went towards acquiring a data management solution on the cloud, has previously deterred the client from acting on the need for backup. This concern around pricing actually set back the customer by two years in acquiring a backup solution.


  • Backup solutions tend be cost a lot, due to higher cost of cloud
  • Lack of visibility -There was no way to centrally manage all employee’s endpoint data
  • Restoring lost data was painful
  • Data loss when an employee left the organization


Ideal Solution

  • Light weight agent
  • Very low price point for the total solution
  • Strong and 24/7 available support team

What customer says

Parablu’s BluVault is one of those solutions that just works. It’s a “set it and forget it” type of solution, and required very little effort from our IT team. I’ve also been very impressed with Parablu’s tech support team.


Parablu’s BluVault was an easy choice for the customer to make. After a short, but detailed trial, they were able to verify its light footprint on the endpoints. The cost effectiveness came from the fact that BluVault has the unique ability to utilize Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage that the end-users already had available. The customer didn’t have to pay for any additional storage to keep the backup data. You take those advantages and add in an intuitive centralized administration console for administrators, self-service restores for end-users, and what’s not to like? Our support help desk, interfaced with the customer early, and provided the comfort that we were there for them no matter what.


Client Approves

The customer has been using Parablu for over a year, and credits our super-responsive customer support for the continued trust they place in us. The support they received meant less time spent on backup woes and more time spent on building business. They’ve not only renewed their licenses, they have referred us to other customers. These are the experiences we live for!

Why Parablu

  • Parablu BluVault has the unique ability to utilize Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage that the end-users already had, client didn’t have to pay for any additional storage to keep the backup data.
  • Centralized administration console for administrators to centrally manage all the employee’s endpoint data
  • Users can perform self-service restores

With our BluVault solution, and its unique ability to utilize Microsoft OneDrive storage as a backup target, business critical data is now available at the click of a button, while reducing cost, risk and complexity. Easy restores of data, with the flexibility to restore at the file, folder, or device level, means customers spend fewer sleepless nights. Our high-performance compression of data combined with de-duplication optimizes on storage use as well as network bandwidth. Our encryption with its strict enforcement of separation of duties, ensures a level of control for the customer, and privacy for the data, that is well beyond what normal SaaS applications provide.