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Parablu and Etisalat Jointly launch Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) for SMBs

Parablu and Etisalat : Trusted Allies in Data Security

Parablu, a provider of data security solutions, has partnered with Etisalat, a leading global telecommunications company, to provide high-quality data protection for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United Arab Emirates. Combining Parablu’s innovative solutions with Etisalat’s extensive network will revolutionize how SMBs protect their essential data.  

This collaboration addresses the distinct difficulties encountered by SMBs. We offer customized, affordable options for effective data handling. Our services can smoothly expand and adapt to your business’s growth.  

With this strong partnership, SMBs can concentrate on managing and growing their companies, barring their data security concerns.  

The Parablu + Etisalat Advantage

Simplicity by Design

  Simplicity by      Design

BluVault offers effortless onboarding and user management. It delivers fully automated, scheduled backups that run seamlessly, regardless of user location. Zero user involvement is needed after initial setup, making data protection hassle-free.

Own Your Encryption Keys

Industrial-Strength Encryption​

BluVault ensures that all backed up data is encrypted -- both at rest as well as during transit. All data at rest is encrypted using industrial-strength AES-256 encryption while data in flight is transmitted using at least TLS 1.2 with strong ciphers.​

BluVault, powered by BluKryptâ„¢, secures data with advanced encryption and shredding. As a result, it is impossible for an attacker to exfiltrate any information out of the BluVault data repository.

  Powered by      BluKrypt

BluVault, powered by Parablu's BluKrypt technology, securely stores and protects your data. It digitally shreds, encrypts, and versions all backed-up data, making it incredibly difficult for attackers to access or steal. Your data is locked down and safe.​

Smart Incremental Backups

Smart Incremental Backups

BluVault's smart backups perform an initial full backup of your data and then efficiently back up only changed files, saving storage and network resources. It even detects and backs up only modified data within files during subsequent incremental backups—streamlined and effective data protection.

Central Management Dashboard

Central Management Dashboard

Manage everything from one console. BluVault allows an administrator to easily control users, devices, storage, and all elements of backup behavior through a simple web interface.

Air-Gapped Backups

BluVault's cloud backups are protected from ransomware because you can only access them using authenticated API calls. Even if ransomware compromises your credentials, it can't reach the backup due to this authentication barrier. This built-in virtual air-gap protection keeps your data safe.


BluVault for Enterprise Backup Management

Explore how BluVault's robust enterprise backup management protects your organization's data.

BluVault for Endpoint Backup Solutions

Discover how BluVault ensures data security with endpoint backup solutions.



Importance of Data Security for SMB

Watch the video to understand the importance of data security for SMB's.

Revolutionizing Data Protection for SMBs in UAE

The Parablu and Etisalat partnership is here to provide you with the best-in-class data backup and security solutions. Parablu's BluVault provides industrial-strength encryption, secure backups, and compliance with global standards, ensuring that your data is safe and accessible.

Case Studies

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Windows, MacOSX desktops and laptops are supported.

Yes, we offer managed data bundles using Azure blob storage.

Parablu uses variable length block level de-duplication which starts right at the source (i.e. the user endpoint).

Variable length block-level de-duplication.

At Parablu we take security very seriously. We run our software in reputed, world-class Azure UAE data centers which boast a high degree of physical as well as infrastructure security and redundancy. These servers have DDOS protection, as well as protection via network firewalls, host firewalls and web-application firewalls. On top of this, we harden all our servers by using an array of methods such as using obfuscated non-wkps, disabling root access, automated anti-malware scanning among several other measures.

Parablu is an ISO 27001 certified business and our solutions are SOC2 Type2 compliant.

Parablu has no minimum bandwidth requirement. It will work with whatever bandwidth is available and allowed – it is just that the backup speeds can be faster or slower as a result. We have several ways to work with customers during deployment to help manage the first set of full backups in a sensitive way without demanding that you increase your network bandwidth. Once the first full backups are complete, the incremental backups are much smaller in volume and don’t usually impact a business’ existing bandwidth significantly.

By default, we retain all backups forever but you can control retention via our policy settings. You can limit the number of file versions we preserve for each backed up file thus ensuring that older versions are removed automatically and storage recycled.

This can be controlled by your administrators in the form of backup schedules. Backup schedules can set to happen daily, weekly, or even several times in a day.

Yes!  Parablu can backup PSTs, even if they are in use and locked by Outlook. Parablu is designed to get logically consistent copies of files even if they are in use.

With files such as PSTs, Parablu also uses a special algorithm called a ‘partial file transfer’ to accomplish what the industry refers to as delta-incremental backups. In this situation, large flies that are changing each day are not backed up in their entirety. Instead, Parablu tracks which portions of the files have changed and only transmits those for backup. Of course when the entire file is requested back by the user, Parablu has the smarts to piece together all the right components from the different backup runs, in the right sequence, decrypt and supply the correct file version back to the user.

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