Enable anti-malware scanning using BluSync

BluSync - enable anti malware scan

Backup and Security are two essential parts of the typical endpoint data protection strategy. A number of enterprises depend on dedicated tools for malware detection and spend considerable time and computational support to ensure a mechanism is in place that detects, records, and eliminates any infected files.

But there are chances of security gaps in scanning for malware when a large set of end-users are sharing files, accessing files, and collaborating online – especially when the collaboration involves parties outside the enterprise perimeter.

Even though enterprises take adequate care to ensure that all their business endpoints are protected using anti-malware scanning, it is still possible for malware to make its way in via a file or a folder shared with external collaborators. Since businesses rarely have control over external users and their devices, it is impossible for IT teams to scan for malware on such devices. And all it takes is for a single, compromised endpoint to wreak havoc in an enterprise network.

Enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration solutions like Parablu’s BluSync offer an easy and effective solution to eliminating instances where harmful or malware-infected files are uploaded for sharing.

BluSync has an add-on feature to automatically scan all files for malware even as the files are being uploaded. Infected files are rejected during the upload accompanies by a message as well as audit-logging with details as to the user, filename, and endpoint in question. Such proactive scanning for malware or viruses ensures that only safe files are allowed to be committed to the repository for further syncing, sharing, and collaboration.

How to enable the Anti Malware Scanning feature in BluSync?

1. Login to the Parablu portal

2. On the Parablu portal home, go to the Policy Management tab

Parablu portal

3. On the Policy Management dashboard, go to the Sync Policies tab

Sync policies

4. On the File Sync and Share Policy Settings page, click the File Sync and Share Policies option

BluSync - file sync and share policies

5. On the EFSS Policies page, click the Create New Policy button

EFSS policies

6. On the Create New Policy page, go to the Advanced tab


7. Scroll down the page and enable the Malware Scan during file upload feature

Malware scan on file upload

8. Save the policy and go to the Users tab or the Active Users tile on the portal home to apply the newly created policy

active users tab

That’s it! After successful completion of the steps above, whenever a file is uploaded, BluSync will automatically scan such files for viruses and malware even as the upload is in progress.

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