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eBook – Secure file sharing with BluSync™ for Managed File Transfer 

File Sharing eBook
Webinar: You’re staying safe, but can you say that for your data?
In this webinar, explore the right ways to safeguard that data while it is being shared internally as well as externally. Can email attachments be trusted? Public cloud file transfer services? The SecureFTP server in your office is probably not easily reachable when your employees are home. So, how does one navigate a situation like this? What kind of encryption is right? And is encryption alone enough? How do you ensure large file transfers get done safely and quickly? Get the answers to all these questions and more.


of business owners want to access files remotely


of employees review and collaborate on documents via email


of enterprises migrate to cloud to mainly due to achieve cost optimization


of business owners would like the ability to access documents on the go

Organizations are constantly relying on cloud solutions to facilitate and secure cooperation among employees and external entities. A future-ready technology that enhances collaboration speed, boosts employee productivity, and supports a culture of rapid innovation while maintaining the privacy and integrity of the content shared and stored is a must.

BluSync™ for Managed File Transfer is a safe and secure enterprise file sharing platform that allows teams to quickly access, share, and collaborate on files. Team members can use BluSync to connect to their own content, shared content, or interact with coworkers while maintaining secure access to the information they require. Maintain an auditable trail of cloud operations and maintain complete control and insight over how files are shared.

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