BluSync™ for Secure File Services

Protect your data with the advanced security features of BluSync™ while enjoying efficient and reliable file management across devices.

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About the Datasheet

BluSync™ for Secure File Services

BluVault for servers Secure enterprise backup management suite for servers

The modern workforce demands access to files from anywhere, at any time and from any device. BluSync – Secure File Services allows you to create a central file repository that can replace traditional NAS or on-premise file servers. and all a distributed user base to access from anywhere, anytime, from any authorized device. BluSync Secure File Services can be deployed easily, can integrate with Identity Management solutions like Active Directory or Azure Active Directory, and have your users up and running in no time.

Your data is encrypted all the time – both in transit and at rest. All data in transit always travels over secure channels and is encrypted at rest using industrial strength AES-256 encryption. And you control the encryption keys – not Parablu, not the cloud-vendor – only your organization. You can even use cloud storage services to act as your data sharing repository – knowing full well that your data is encrypted using keys you control, that it is secure, and private.

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