Controlling end user experience using BluVault

 Controlling end user experience using BluVault

At Parablu we understand that every organization is different. Security postures, policies, and responsibilities vary across different companies.

It is for this reason that BluVault has been thoughtfully designed to be configurable and customizable across a wide range of requirements.

BluVault’s user interface can not only be branded using your company’s branding (to see how to read our blog post) but it can also be specifically configured based on how you wish your employees to experience the software.

End-user-focused policies for the Parablu portal and agent

Parablu’s user-facing interfaces – the Parablu Portal – a web-based console, and the Parablu Agent, an agent typically installed on endpoint devices, both offer a wide range of self-service options for data backup and restores. These features empower end-users to perform on-demand backups/restores and eliminate the necessity of intervention from the IT team.

But Administrators can control these user experiences and allow/disallow several features depending on the user group an employee belongs to.

A number of these settings are controlled at a Policy level under the User Action Preferences tab.

1. Agent-based user actions

This set of parameters can be utilized by Administrators to enable or disable different actions that can be performed by end-users using the agent installed on the endpoint. Actions can include accessing backed-up files and folders, running restores, initiating on-demand backups, refreshing policies, or raising a support request for instant help.

2. Portal-based user actions

Administrators can use these parameters to enable or disable different functions in the self-service Parablu portal. These functions include:

– Access to the Parablu portal

– Viewing backed up files

– Viewing previous versions of backed up data

– Downloading, restoring, and sharing the backup data

3. Sharing

Sometimes employees inside an organization will need to share files externally. Such data can be confidential in nature and perhaps cannot be trusted to be sent over email. Besides, email systems also have restrictions around attachment sizes which could make it difficult to share certain payloads that are bigger than average in size. Public cloud-based file transfer services, where the business has little control over encryption also prove to be a poor choice in such circumstances.

The sharing feature of BluVault allows businesses a way to enable policy-based secure file sharing for employees with several built-in and configurable security safeguards – like complex password protection, multi-factor authentication, date expiration, as well as Information Rights Management (IRM) controls. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Controlling end user experience using BluVault - Sharing

How to create a policy with customized user action preferences

Here is how you can create a policy with specifically configured user action preferences and apply it to identified users or devices:

1. Log in to the Parablu portal


2.On the Parablu portal home, go to the Policy Management tab

 Policy Management Tab

3. On the Policy Management page, under the Backup Policy tab, click Backup Policies

 Backup Policies

4. On the Backup Policies page, click on Create New Policy to create a new policy or use the Edit option to edit a policy

Create a new policy

5. On the Create New Policy or the Edit Policy page, go to the User action preferences tab to view all the listed Agent, Portal, and Sharing settings described above.

Create a new policy 1
Controlling end user experience using BluVault - Options

6. Once the settings have been set as desired, you may click Save to complete the operation

Controlling end user experience using BluVault - save

7. Go to the Users tab or the Active Users tile on the portal home to apply the newly created policy

active users

Note: For an edited policy, the newly specified details will be applied when the agent refreshes its policy the next time.

Parablu’s BluVault’s built-in configurability in terms of end-user experience, can help organizations set up a data backup and restore process that is not just efficient but also more secure and with enhanced usability.

There are several other BluVault features that have been designed provide an enhanced user experience for Administrators as well.  That is a topic for another day and another blog.   To learn more about cool Parablu products and features, reach out to our experts and ask for a demo.