BluVault + Leading Advertising and Design Company

How a leading advertising and design firm streamlined their data backup process with Parablu’s BluVault 

About the customer

This advertising and design company happens to be one of the largest independent brand communications, advertising, and design firms in Asia. It’s an emerging creative empire in the business of advertising, digital, and branded creative content.

The firm has a strong portfolio of category-defining work with prestigious brands which include food and beverage, luxury cars, tech giants, and government entities.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Advertising & Design Company
  • Location: India
  • Parablu Product Used: BluVault



The Challenges

  • Lack of central visibility
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Optimizing storage costs
  • Ease of monitoring

The Benefits

  • Automatic, Reliable, and Predictable
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Consistent about being regulatory compliant
  • Cost-effective Storage
  • Defense against ransomware and insider threats
  • Assured data privacy
  • World-class customer support


“We chose Parablu’s BluVault to simplify our data backup process, as it not only streamlines our data protection strategy, but also makes it cost-effective. The increased confidence we have gained now in our data security has enabled us to offer our customers better and more creative services.”

–  IT Team Member,
A leading advertising and design firm in Asia

The challenge

1. Lack of central visibility

With their prior decentralized and manual data backup process, the firm’s IT team was unsure of the effectiveness of their data security efforts. Having backups and restores running on multiple endpoints without centralized control, and without clear visibility over performance, they were simply unable to assess their preparedness for a data loss situation.

 2. Regulatory Compliance

 They also realized that without a comprehensive data protection solution, it would be impossible to adequately secure their clients’ sensitive data. It became clear that a data protection strategy was a necessary step for them to meet regulatory compliance mandates.

 3. Optimizing storage costs

 The advertising and design firm was also witnessing unprecedented growth in its operations which meant a highly increased volume of business data. Seeking to utilize their existing cloud storage investments, they planned to take advantage of their current cloud-based storage –

Google Cloud Platform– as a secure backup repository. The firm was looking for a backup solution that could help them realize this strategy.

 4. Ease of monitoring

 With multiple end-users spread across Asia, the company desperately needed a central console from which to effectively manage and monitor backup activities round the clock. With the existing, de-centralized backup process, which relied heavily on manual intervention, this was just not possible. They believed that if the IT team was empowered with centralized monitoring functionality, they could ensure data backups and efficient restores much more reliably.


After examining the challenges that the business outlined, Parablu recommended the use of BluVault for Endpoint Backup. This solution would automate their data backup processes and establish comprehensive monitoring for security and compliance. It would also help to leverage their existing Google Cloud Platform storage subscription for backup storage.


1. Automatic, Reliable, and Predictable

With BluVault, the customer has now established an automated backup process from all business endpoints. This strategy now eliminates manual dependence on IT teams and end-users.

2. Centralized Data Management

The firm also benefits from BluVault’s centralized dashboard, built-in reports, and detailed activity logs. The intuitive dashboard makes it possible to manage and monitor backup and restore activities across different geographies through its web-based portal.

The IT team is now equipped with the ability to identify anomalies or deviations in the data protection process and takes immediate action when necessary. The web-based portal also makes self-service actions possible for end-users, further reducing dependence on the IT team for on-demand recovery requests.

3. Consistent about being regulatory compliant

BluVault’s backups result in producing encrypted, immutable, and versioned secondary copies, designed for timely data restores. The customer is now confident in their compliance with data protection regulations and knows they have mitigated risks of major penalties and fines associated with data losses and breaches. They are also equipped to handle requests for regulatory needs, audit reviews, litigation hold and even GDPR’s “right to be forgotten”.

4. Cost-effective Storage

Because BluVault enabled this firm to leverage their existing Google Cloud Platform subscription for backup storage, they did not have to invest in additional cloud storage infrastructure with Parablu. And because of cost-sensitive features like network bandwidth throttling, delta-incrementals, deduplication, and data compression, BluVault further minimizes storage – and network usage -related expenses.

5. Defence against ransomware and insider threats

BluVault’s automated backups are designed to provide data security. Consistent backups with industrial-strength encryption of backup data ensure that there’s always a safe copy of data for the company to fall back on, giving them security from ransomware attacks and potential malicious deletion from insiders.

6. Assured data privacy

BluVault’s Zero-Knowledge-Privacy ensures that the customer is always in control of their backup encryption keys. They are now sure that the backed-up data is accessible only to them.

7. World-class customer support

BluVault also comes with highly responsive and dependable technical support, attested by customers across the globe. Customers are empowered with multiple methods such as Parablu’s support portal or email to access world-class technical support anytime required.

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